Monday, November 11, 2019

44 50 | Lil Reese shot in Chicago, November 11, 2019

The news comes 23-days after Lil Durk's birthday.

This shooting comes 44-weeks and 1-day after Lil Reese's 26th birthday.

Notice, November 11 leaves 50-days in the year.


  1. Replies
    1. Chicago rapper. He is a close friend of Chief Keef. If you follow rap.

    2. Nobody worth 'sacrificing' for sure... in response to "who?"

    3. Probably trash like every genre now

  2. Detroit Lions Charles Rogers dead at 38
    38 years ago 49ers won their first Super Bowl in Detroit
    49ers are 8-1
    Keep an eye on Matt Millen
    We’ve already had Dwight Clark at age 61
    49ers champs over bengals SB16
    We’ve had a bengals player die #32 Cedric Benson
    47 yarder to go into OT 47 yarder to lose the game
    By #5 kicker 49ers
    I wonder since Roby Gold choked in Chicago
    Could he be the hero later in the season like
    Clutch kicker Matt Bahr

    Bahr was Adam vinateri of the 80’s

    1. Pretty sure I already mentioned Matt Millen a While back, along with Jim Plunkett, and....Russ Francis, I think it was him.


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