Tuesday, November 26, 2019

54 126 144 | The hidden 'censorship' encoding of 'Never Is Now' (the ADL Sach Baron Cohen speech)

Read the prior decode on Sacha Baron Cohen's ADL speech, November 21, 2019:


  1. I know Sacha through my employers who pay me to troll. He’s very upset with you right now over this he’s already figuring out the best numerology to murder you with as a sacrifice for his next big movie

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EfB4uzIXe4

      Skip through to 15:39 into his trash video to hear excuse for your comment. You won't believe the shit that comes out of his mouth.
      You can tell he accidently had it visible on the screen when he changed browser tabs and tried to think of some bullshit cover story on the run.
      Fuck I love this community right now!

    2. Lmao thanks man that was funny. I can’t believe he really said google only allows trolls to comment that’s ridiculous

    3. If Google is in on all this censorship then why is he still uploading to YouTube (which is owned by Google)? No point in uploading all this if Google is just gonna "censor" him anyway.

  2. Why did I waste time a long time ago watching this guy, thinking he was funny. All he did was push crap where his gay character is getting discriminated for no reason (poor gay guy!) or how poor Jews are being hated around the world for no reason. One can only shudder to think what we found enjoyable on TV before we turned awake.


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