Sunday, November 17, 2019

45 46 74 81 | Two Arkansas chemistry teachers accused of making meth, November 16, 2019 news

Notice the first name mentioned, Terry David Bateman, sums to 74, like Breaking Bad.

He was put on administrative leave 7-months and 4-days after Bryan Cranston's birthday, who plays Walter White in Breaking Bad.

As we'll get to below, he and his partner were placed on administrative leave October 11, the day the Netflix film continuing the Breaking Bad story released, El Camino.

The same man is 45-years-old.

Keep in mind this story released November 16, the day leaving 45-days in the year.

As for the 40-year-old mentioned, his name sums to 81, and the news comes 81-days after Aaron Paul's birthday, who plays Jesse Pinkman, the main character in El Camino.

As you'll see below, they were put on administrative leave on the day leaving 81-days in the year, again, the same day El Camino came out.

October 11, 2019, the day the teachers were played on administrative leave, was the date El Camino released, the Netflix movie that continues the Breaking Bad story.

And for one last point, this story released on a date with 46 numerology, November 16, 2019.

11/16/19 = 11+16+19 = 46


  1. M-------ET-----------H

    Remember the Bill Clinton interview on Aliens by KimmEL

    Arkansas =Razorbacks =Pigs =2019 Chinese calendar

  2. "Breaking Bad T.V. Tribute" = 911
    "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911

    "Tribute Name [Brian Cranston]" = 333
    "Hollywood Actor Name Tributes" = 333
    "Find Goy Entertainment Tribute" = 333

    "Tribute Name [Brian Cranston]" = 1342
    "New Mexico" = 1342 <<< I wonder if they Filmed in NM?

    "Breaking Bad TV Show Tribute" = 1116 << Which Day?
    "Hollywood Actor" = 1116

    "Brian Cranston" = 148
    "Donald J Trump" = 148
    "Satanic Ritual" = 148

    "Tributes to the U.S.A. President" = 333
    "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid" = 333
    "Operation Nineteen Eighty Four" = 333
    "Agenda Two Thousand Twenty One" = 333

    I love when you talk dirty. Tell me more. I'm tickling My Nuts, thinking of you right now. Open Wide for Daddy?


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