Sunday, November 24, 2019

38 46 67 73 | Harry Morton, dead at 38, November 23, 2019

Harry Morton, age 38, was found dead Saturday November 23, 2019, the day leaving 38-days left in the year.

Read about 38 and death here:

Thabang Motsei's death at 38 on same day:

Goo Hara last seen alive November 23, 2019:

New Haven school related shooting, November 23, 2019:

As for Pink Taco...

11/23/2019 = 11+23+20+19 = 73
11/23/2019 = 11+23+(2+0+1+9) = 46

For one last point, he died in Beverly Hills, 'blood sacrifice' town.



  1. So your trans-testicle "girl friend" is hungry for your E. coli?

  2. A couple things you missed if you didn't join Jakon's patreon page. These were my contributions and I'm only going to improve.

    1) Buccaneers had scored 496 points @ the Falcons all time. 496 is the 3rd perfect number and the Bucs became 3-3 away and kept the Falcons at 3 wins on the season.

    2) Jets had won 5 straight at home vs Raiders. The first game of that win streak had a score of 22-23. It was a span of 22y2m3d between games. Jets got their 6th straight win at home and their 13th home win all time vs Raiders (6th prime). The Jets had also scored 20 points in their previous 2 games vs Raiders and today they got their 20th win all time.

    3) Dolphins could get regular season loss #369 and franchise loss #390.
    11/20/05 was the first time the new browns played at home vs dolphins. Browns won 22-0. 14y4d ago.
    It's the Dolphins 827th all time regular season game. The 144th prime. Connects back to that 14y4d 22-0 loss. 11/20/05 date left 41 days remaining in the year and new browns can become 4-1 at home vs dolphins.

    1. Your work is garbage. Not everyone can do this work. This work has become a joke.

    2. Nice Work.

      "Fifth at Home" = 496 S <<< 3rd Perfect
      "Significant" = 496 S
      "Win Rituals" = 496
      "Tribute" = 496 J

      "N.F.L. Points Tribute" = 911

    3. Hilarious how people who both make no sense compliment each other while others see how ridiculous it is.

    4. You're work is also garbage Hubbard (anonymous). Apprentice and The Apprentice both used in the same blog post using different cyphers? You are an egotistical hypocrite replying that this comment is garbage, which it also is by the way.

  3. Dead at 38?

    "Thirty Eight" = 149
    "Q Operations" = 149
    "Rams M.N.F. Loss" = 149

    163 is the 38th Prime:

    "Make America Great Again" = 163 <<< 38th Prime
    "Ravens Road Win" = 163


    "Harry Morton" = 66
    "Scripted Sports" = 66
    "Baltimore Ravens" = 66
    "Poe - M.N.F. Away Win" = 66

    "N.F.L." = 66 <<<

  4. Pink Taco = Vagina. Decoded no gematria.


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