Monday, November 18, 2019

41 322 | US government takes step to help Israel erase Palestine, November 18, 2019

This news comes November 18, 2019, the 322nd day of the year.

Abrahamic Religions = 322; Ancient Mystery Religions = 322

Think Skull and Bones, 322.  Skull and Bones = 41
11/18/2019 = 11+18+(2+0+1+9) = 41

1978 was 41-years ago...


  1. So, your only REAL "evidence" you charge people money for, do I have that right?

  2. walmart = 101 RO
    church = 101 RO
    google = 101 RO
    hebrew = 101 RO

  3. How's the channel coming along Zach? 320 subscriptions? Ah, I'm sure it's just YouTube and their pesky censoring, right? Censoring, man that shit is annoying.
    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know your merchandise available to buy looks awesome. Some people might say it's tacky as all hell, but not me.......
    I know you've mentioned plenty of times in past that you are only here to speak the truth for the betterment of humanity not like those other so called "truthers" that only care about T-shirt sales, but I don't care about that. I mean that was only like 2 weeks ago last time I heard you say that and you're free to change your mind (picks) as many times as you like.
    Cheers bro!
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  4. Red Alert sirens going off in Northern Israel right now, SANA confirming blasts hears in Demascus. Unconfirmed reports of two interceptions near MT Herman. Could be something..

  5. Lol you picked cardinals Yankees then Astros you never had nationals except for in 2017 to play the orioles or white Sox 😂 you didn’t realize the Astros dodgers matchup until the hurricane and fires when everyone already knew without gematria


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