Tuesday, November 26, 2019

35 39 76 149 383 | Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks upset Duke, November 26, 2019

As I said in my first video this morning, 76 is the number of the day!


  1. it doesn't matter what game it is or who wins the game.. Zach will always try to connect it back to him as if he was the reason for it.

    1. Don't forget the elections, shootings, natural disasters, celebrity deaths, everything. After the fact Zach will fill us in

  2. lol. He is trying to take credit. Zach's a joke. A born liar just like his father.

  3. guys as zach said 76 was the number!! clearly duke was going down. you are an idiot if you didnt bet the house on duke losing last night. biggest mistake of your life and you should probably make every bet zach says moving forward so you dont miss out.

    1. Lol, I noticed that Zach has moved away from the whole NWO/Government BS and instead is marketing his BS basically as "Join my Patreon and WIN THOUSANDS! Step right up and take my bets and YOU could win thousands!" Isn't it strange how suddenly he cares more about people winning thousands than he actually does "exposing" all these "corrupt" leagues?

    2. Some goy in his comments last night said “it’s crazy how Zach has to do what he dislikes most to make money now” what a rube! These people just don’t get it

    3. LOL, like getting a JOB isn't an option for him or something?

  4. "76 is the number of the day!"

    There is literally not a single 76 anywhere in that first photo. If you seriously had to go THAT deep to find a 76 you've proven absolutely nothing.

    1. on top of that the day before had 75 date numerology and today has 77 date numerology... did we get a post on Monday about how 75 was the number of the day? No. Do you think he will make a most today about how 77 is the number of the day? No.......

    2. Of course not, because it doesn't conveniently fit his theory of the day, so it's irrelevant, lol.

  5. Yes...76 was the Number:

    11 + 26 + 20 + 19 = 76

    Write it Out:

    "Seventy Six" = 162
    "Blue Devils Lose" = 162
    "A Lumberjacks Win" = 162
    "Odds Underdog Win" = 162 K, 76 RR <<< Which Day?

    "Two Point Win" = 168 K <<< [85 + 83 = 168]
    "Duke Loss at Home" = 168

    "Two Point Margin" = 76
    "Upset in Overtime" = 76 <<< Oopsie!

    "One Seed's Upset at Home" = 76


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