Friday, November 15, 2019

16 33 74 | Nathaniel Berhow dies at aboout 3:30 PM, Friday, November 15, 2019

The 16-year-old Nathaniel Berhow has died at about 3:30 PM, Friday, November 15, 2019.

Nathaniel Berhow = 74 *74 and 33, again and again
Sixteen = 33; False Flag = 33; Police = 33; Masonry = 33 *Saugus = 16 


  1. My cock= 96 in Francis Bacon. My cock was a mason this whole time and I never knew. It also equals 420 in Sumerian has it been smoking weed under my nose this whole time too? No wonder I’m short on cash lately

  2. nothing can be more of a 'grave condition' than being dead...just sayin'...missing any posts today Zach, are you ok?

  3. Zachary=66 in LCH Kabbalah
    Boom Zach is in the Kabbalah

    1. Also Zachary=44 In Reverse single reduction EP. he’s a killing Kabbalah member

    2. Kill=44 in English ordinal
      Fake Suicide= 66 in single reduction KV
      Zach sacrificed one of his callers and blamed it on a fake suicide

    3. I spoke to my students just like this and I somehow can’t get a teaching gig anymore

  4. Do we know the date from when Zatch's caller died?

  5. Insane Unknown here, fun one today folks... Saturnday great day for a Showcase...
    Saturn = 93 EO
    Kaepernick = 93 EO
    Showcase = 93 EO
    Kaep turned 32 on 11-3.
    His birthday is a 92 day span to Super Bowl. Not 93, but close, maybe the day after SB is big for him.

    His showcase was announced on 11-11
    The last game he played was on 1-1-2017. Like 11.
    During Nov, the 11th month, 11 teams to be visiting M1am1 (11), during Week 11. Too funny.

    The clincher, from his last game, also played on a Saturday, was exactly 150 weeks ago. Green Bay Packers = 150 EO and also have a Week 11 Bye. That is probably coincidence, right?

    Kaep like I keep saying is tied to the DNC, which will be in Milwaukee in 2020. Kaep turns 33 on election day...


  6. Initial coverage quickly claimed they had tracked the shooter to a specific house nearby, using mysterious ... " Investigative Tools We Can't Reveal, In Case They Need To Use Them In The Future".

    The usual footage was shown -- Cops With Weapons Aimed, while others strolled in front of them (in the line of fire) & dozens were standing around laughing & looking bored.

    Now ... if the "shooter" immediately shot himself ("gravely", as they now say), would ANY of these theatrics concerning a standoff at a house have been warranted?
    Nope -- it was just another part of The Drill.

    "The Drill" = 88 eo
    "Saugus" = 88 eo

    Promoting the notion that they can immediately track a shooter to a specific location using "Mysterious Tools" (88 rr) ... is a feature of the PANOPTICON ... leading people to believe that they are More Surveilled than they actually are, thereby influencing them towards Better Behavior Through Fear.

    "Panopticon" = 123 eo
    "Conspiracy" = 123 eo

    The students exiting the building looked extremely bored -- far from the screaming chaos that The Reporter Was Telling Viewers They Were Seeing.
    A former CA legislator did a phone interview -- within minutes -- touting the Importance Of Getting ALL Guns Out Of 'Homes Where Children Live'.

    This was clearly a DRILL ...
    Driven by the two issues mentioned here ...
    As well as adding a Confusing Distraction to the ongoing Impeachment Theatrics.

    Meanwhile, more troops are sent into Syria, Yemen (& elsewhere), Israel continues to bomb Gaza, autism rates continue to rise, & businesses are shutting down at an alarming rate, etc. ... but nevermind all that ... :D ;D

    1. "A Hoax Shooter Death" = 272, 187 <<< 1-8-7 ?
      "Mind Control America" = 187
      "November Fifteenth" = 187

      "A Staged Suicide Code Name" = 666, 187 <<<
      "Demolish Souls" = 666
      "Symbolic Code" = 666
      "Prophecy" = 666

  7. Quote in Story:

    "Grave Condition" = 156
    "Nobody Injured" = 156
    "Thirty Three" = 156 <<< 33?
    "False Flag" = 156

    5 Facts?

    "Five Facts" = 91 <<< 13th Triangular
    "Deception" = 91
    "Objective" = 91

    "Shooting Hoax" = 155
    "Nathaniel Berhow" = 155 <<<<<<<
    "CIA Black Operation" = 155


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