Sunday, November 24, 2019

25 38 47 79 86 | 2 boys shot dead while sittinig in a van at an elementary school parking lot, November 24, 2019 news

Here's a clever elementary school related shooting story, on the day leaving 37-days in the year.
*Shooting = 37

11/24/2019 = 11+24+(2+0+1+9) = 47

2 boys... 2... duality... division... divisive news...


What is 47?

The New Haven Unified School District, eh?

Read about 38 and death here:

The name of the school, Searles, connects to murder.

The name Searles also sum to 25, like death.

Ages 11 and 14?  11+14 = 25

Notice how 'van' connects to shooting.

The date of this news, November 24, leaves 37-days in the year.

As for the specific reporting of 1:26 AM, that is the 86th minute of the day.

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