Sunday, November 17, 2019

47 52 74 119 319 | CNN writes about the third flat earth convetion, November 14-15, 2019

This story comes November 16, 2019.

11/16/2019 = 11+16+(2+0+1+9) = 39

Darker core?

As for the flat earth convention in Dallas... Dallas = 113...

The event began November 14, the day leaving 47-days in the year...

The first ever event began November 9, the day leaving 52-days in the year.  Earth = 52 *119

 Last year's began on the 319th day of the year.  Masonic = 74 / 319; Flat Earth Theory = 319


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  2. How about this great psyop attempt from Hubbard to gain the sympathy vote. You were never a teacher you dip shit. All that crap is virtue signalling.

  3. You are a manipulative piece of shit Hubbard

  4. "Flat Earther Conference - CIA Honey Pot" = 1369, 333
    "Planned Historic Event" = 1369
    "Curvature" = 1369

    "Flat Earth" = 91 <<< 13th Triangular
    "Deception" = 91

    The Illuminati Card [Flat Earthers]:

    "Flat Earthers" = 496 <<< 2nd Perfect
    "Hidden Mind Control" = 496
    "Find Ordinal Gematria" = 496

    "Flat Earthers" = 133, 52
    "It's Circular!" = 133 <<<<<<<<<
    "This is a Hoax" = 133
    "Lies to Deceive" = 133

    "White House" = 133, 52
    "Dirty Trick" = 133
    "Big Arrest" = 133
    "Government" = 133
    "Prophecy" = 52

    "Flat Earthers" = 52, 74
    "Distract a Goy" = 52, 74

    "Goy Distractions" = 1033 <<< 174th Prime
    "Divided Nation Agenda" = 1033

    1. Welp this proves it folks.. We're on a spinning ball, whirling and twirling in vacuum space.

    2. Conference Begins November 14th?

      "The Flat Earthers - [Eleven Fourteen]" = 333
      "Play Flat Earthers Illuminati Card" = 333
      "Forecast Hoax Terrorist Attack" = 333

      "Hoax Terrorist Attack" = 911 S

      "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack" = 911 J <<< Which Day?

      "The Big Lebowski Cometh" = 911 S
      "Trick American Citizen" = 911
      "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911
      "World Jewish Congress" = 911

      "We Control Pro Sports" = 911 S
      "Fake N.F.L. Football Plays" = 911 S

      "Plan a Master Deception" = 911 S
      "Coded Protocol System" = 911
      "Masonic Agenda Symbols" = 911
      "Distract Goy with Lies" = 911

      "N.F.L. Points Tribute" = 911 J

    3. Sign says 'Fake Earth':

      "Fake Earth" = 39, 75, 216 <<< 6*6*6
      "Hoax Code" = 39, 75

      "Tesla" = 216
      "Hide Space Force from Goy" = 216

      "Flat earth" = 91
      "Space Force" = 91 <<< 13th Triangular
      "Deception" = 91
      "Objective" = 91

    4. You should try using more ciphers I don't think you have used them all yet. There is still time. Hurry!

  5. Fake Earth = 75
    Jake Lebowski = 75
    Hoax Code = 75 <<<<< what is Jake here to spread?

    Jake Lebowski = 123
    Hoax Terrorist Attack = 123 <<<< he's part of it you guys
    Conspiracy = 123

    Distract A Goy = 142 <<<<< what is Jake doing?
    Full Of Shit = 142 <<<< and what is he full of?
    Jake Lebowski = 42
    Forty Two = 142

  6. @The Critic. "So"? Are you serious? He is never shy to tell his stories of his alleged teaching days, but somehow is management business days never seem to get a mention.

  7. Ha! You're name! "Resist Control". You'll fit in nicely in Hubbard's cult.

  8. Why do you need to care so much about his previous ventures?

  9. Why shouldn't I? He is not shy to disclose any of the virtuous activities / careers he has been involved in the past (most likely bullshit), so why not tell us about this management business? He is hiding something. Do you still not see it? there are just far too many suspicious dots to connect with this scammer. I gave benefit of the doubt for far too long on a lot of his crap. It has now become too much.
    I don't know, maybe you haven't been around here long enough. If you haven't been around here long my advice is keep an open mind and never believe. Think about things for yourself.

  10. I've realized he hasn't been honest at times, and sometimes he acts too full of himself. That's part of the reason why I no longer support him on Patreon.
    Nonetheless, I'm here to learn about gematria, I don't really care who is putting the info out there.
    Afterall, he's not obliged to tell us anything about himself.

  11. Also, that Shane guy works in real estate it appears. Zach did mention that he worked in real estate after college, so there's probably some connection there.

  12. Yes you are correct about the real estate connection, but never mentioned any management business. The only business he ever mentioned was a medicinal marijuana business.
    Good to hear that you cancelled your Patreon because he hasn't been honest at times. Problem is, the at times has become all the time now and he needs to be called out.
    Maybe I shouldn't be too judgemental, but when was the last real estate salesman you met that was trustworthy? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc…….
    He needs to held accountable for the blatant lies he is pushing through Patreon aimed squarely at gambling addicts.

  13. Yeah the problem is we don't know how many of his patrons are losing money through gambling.

  14. What are you trying to suggest though with this management business thing?


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