Monday, November 25, 2019

13 33 36 137 | Body found in Alabama believed to be daughter of Walt Harris, November 25, 2019

Read about October 24 news of disappearance of Walt Harris' daughter:

Read about Ibrahim Yazeed, the man blamed:

Today is a span of 33-days from her disappearance.  Recall, "137" was the number in the initial decode, and 137 is the 33rd prime.

Don't forget, in the Masonic text, Morals and Dogma, it is stated that Freemasonry is based in Kabbalah.

Today is Walt Harris' 169th day of his age.  169, square root of 13 (Alabama = 13)

Notice Walt is 36-years-old, and today leaves 36-days in the year.
666, 36th triangular number


  1. What happened to the 33K for that march in Washington DC? Answer: you stole it from all those suckers 😂

    1. Even Daily Dose of Gematria ( is calling him out on his BS. They're calling him out for exactly what he is, the definition of a fraud who cares more about cashing in than he does actually benefiting society. While I couldn't disagree more with DDOG, at least THAT group is being run by people who actually care about society and not cashing in on people's gullibility like Hubbard.

    2. Lol he still hasn't answered you on that. CAUGHT RED-HANDED it seems.

  2. What if I believe in "Immorals and Catma" instead? Immorals and Catma 58 just like Freemasonry. I think there is an esoteric meaning behind everything and they speak in opposites, so just invert what they say and that's the truth.

  3. Where's your Superbowl pick pussy. Usually we would have heard of at least 10 of the teams by this late in the season.

    1. where's your superbowl pick oh yeah you don't have one you can't think for yourself I forgot lol.

    2. Calling it right now. He's gonna go with the (DRUMROLL) Patriots like right before the Super Bowl (if they get there, if not he'll just go with the statistical favorite like he always does). And then of course no matter which team wins he's gonna do his usual after-the-fact routine and then update his Patreon account claiming he called it before the season began. And then as the cherry on the Sundae he's gonna lose another 600 Patreon subscribers because of it.

  4. Headline:

    "Judge rules that McGahn must Testify" = 394
    "Don McGahn" = 394

    "Judge rules that McGahn must Testify" = 124, 173
    "Code Name [Make America Great Again]" = 124, 173
    "Saints Win Second Superbowl Title" = 124, 173

    "High Priest of Fraud Magic" = 124, 223 <<< 48th Prime

    "Donald Trump" = 48

  5. TPUSA= Twin eagle logo
    Russia = Twin Eagle logo
    Albania = Twin Eagle logo
    6.4 quake on the 41st parallel
    Today is the 330th day 35 days remain
    Trump will be at Panthers stadium AKA BB&T center
    The 35th President was assassinated 56 years ago
    The government shutdown was 35 days longest ever
    Trump speech tonight should be interesting 🤔


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