Sunday, November 24, 2019

68 163 | Navy secretary Richard V. Spencer fired for 'secret agreement, November 24, 2019

Navy secretary fired = 106 / 218
Richard Vaughn Spencer = 106
Trump = 218

This news comes 163-days after Donald Trump's birthday, the man who played The Apprentice, known for the line "you're fired".

And notice the emphasis on 'secret agreement'.

Richard Spencer = 78 / 84; Fired= 33
Sunday = 33 / 78 / 84

It comes on the 311th day of Richard V. Spencer's age.

Fired = 30 / 33 / 42 / 93


  1. Or, it's why they created words like "a" and "the" when the English language was invented by them so they could specifically create more matches for Gematria. Gematria is a mildly interesting abstract concept that is taken to the extreme by these cabbalists. It's not like Gematria changes the fact of the Jewish conspiracy anyway. There are books exposing the real history of the world which debunk the propaganda we are taught in schools so you don't even need Gematria.

  2. A couple things you missed if you didn't join Jakon's patreon page. These were my contributions and I'm only going to improve.

    1) Buccaneers had scored 496 points @ the Falcons all time. 496 is the 3rd perfect number and the Bucs became 3-3 away and kept the Falcons at 3 wins on the season.

    2) Jets had won 5 straight at home vs Raiders. The first game of that win streak had a score of 22-23. It was a span of 22y2m3d between games. Jets got their 6th straight win at home and their 13th home win all time vs Raiders (6th prime). The Jets had also scored 20 points in their previous 2 games vs Raiders and today they got their 20th win all time.

    3) Dolphins could get regular season loss #369 and franchise loss #390.
    11/20/05 was the first time the new browns played at home vs dolphins. Browns won 22-0. 14y4d ago.
    It's the Dolphins 827th all time regular season game. The 144th prime. Connects back to that 14y4d 22-0 loss. 11/20/05 date left 41 days remaining in the year and new browns can become 4-1 at home vs dolphins.

  3. 3-7 on the nfl patreon picks . terrible you scam artist. as long as you keep raking it in money who cares? pathetic

  4. Just bumping up
    Insane UnknownNovember 24, 2019 at 10:13 AM

    Date Also Written as 24/11 or 2411, the 358th Prime. 
    Aaron Rodgers’ birthday is on the 358th Day of the Year 12-2
    61st Regular Season Meeting All Time between SF and GB. The Packers could get from 32-27-2 to 33-27-1, regular season all time with a win.
    61 is Green Bay’s Number
    Curly Lambeau passed on 6-1-1965, right before the 3-peat championship run.
    Paul Hornung was league MVP in ‘61
    The G was put on the helmet for the first time in 1961.
    Since JFK (age 44) (who gained office in ‘61) was friends with Vince Lombardi, he was able to get Ray Nitschke, Boyd Dowler and Paul Hornung to come home on leave during the weekends from the US Army during their service to our country during the 1961 season.
    Hall of Famer Reggie White was born in 1961.
    In 1961 Green Bay gave themselves the name of Titletown.
    Green Bay has been 6-1 in NFL World Championships since 1961.
    61 yard hail mary Rodgers to Rodgers, longest in NFL history 
    Fail mary to end the Referee Lockout, stop the replacement refs. This contract was for 8 years and is over after the culmination of Super Bowl 54 on 2-2-2020, the 33rd Day of the Year, 
    Groundhog’s Day, and a day with 8 numerology. Did you see how the Refs were on Green Bay’s side this year with bogus calls? Hmmm…??? It’s payback.

    328th Day of the Year
    37 Days Remain in 2019
    ‘Patriots’ = 37 FR.
    Green Bay can get 37th win All-Time against the 49ers today.
    Aaron Rodgers had a story this week about the 37 different receivers he has thrown to in his career. Check it out.

    74 - ‘Dallas Cowboys’ RFR, Dallas could get to 7-4. This happened in past weeks where the date numerology of 55 matched up with the record of 5-5 for a few teams. Maybe coincidence.

    54 - ‘Matt’ EO, ‘Matt’ RO 

    47 - The number that reinforces my claim that if Brady even plays, he may end up with a ‘Pull’ = 47 RO

    35 - Aaron Rodgers’ birth number of 35 and his age. It is 8 days until he turns 36.

    24 - (The day matches up so often in the NFL. Sometimes its the loser’s score. Keep that one close. 24, Aaron Rodgers was the 24th pick of the 2005 draft. 24 is one of Jimmy Garoppolo’s birth numbers.

    20 - 20 Year current streak of 5 wins by the Patriots over the Cowboys, could end possibly today. A win over the Pats could further legitimize the coaches willingness to hold onto his job and to legitimize Dallas as a contender for the super bowl. Remember both Green Bay and Dallas will make it into the playoffs for their 33rd time ever. The super bowl is on the 33rd day of the year 333 remaining. Plus GB and DAL have a strong playoff history in the Aikman/Emmitt Smith vs Favre/Sterling Sharpe years. I could see a NFC championship between the two (Dal and GB) but Seattle has just as much bad blood with GB.

    GB wins 
    DAL should win, 
    Brady goes down with injury



    AnonymousNovember 24, 2019 at 10:34 AM

    LMAO when Pats and Niners win today.. don't delete this post.

    AnonymousNovember 24, 2019 at 12:49 PM

    Shanahan can get his 24th loss on the 24th. Or could get 20th win 20 days before his 40th bday on a day with numerology of 20. Or does LaFleur win in his 11th game, an 11 day span from his 40th bday to advance GB to 9-2 on the season.

    AnonymousNovember 24, 2019 at 12:51 PM

    Who's your picks and why Kid Anonymous? - Insane Unknown

    1. I am the anonymous who wrote when the Pats and Niners win today... don't delete this post hahaha :)

    2. 7 = (11) + (24) + 2+0+1+9
      47 = 1+1 + 2+4 + (20) + (19)
      47 = Kyle Shanahan
      A-Rod is now 4-7 vs 49ers all-time 
      A-Rod stay @ 47 road wins all-time

      18 = 1+1 + 2+4 + 1+9
      Jimmy G gets 18th all-time win

      37pts by Niners with 37 days remaining
      8pts by Packers to stay on 8th win
      45 = 8 + 37
      45 = (11) + (24) + 1+9
      A-Rod is 4-5 vs 49ers in reg. season

      Eight = 49
      49ers has held opposing teams to 8pts in single game only 2 other times in franchise history. In both those 2 seasons, 49ers made the NFC Championship Game & loss.

    3. Well that's an "after the fact Zach" post if ever I've seen one.

    4. The Venus Pleiades conjunction is 61 days after the Super Bowl


  5. AnonymousNovember 24, 2019 at 5:22 PM

    Or, it's why they created words like "a" and "the" when the English language was invented by them so they could specifically create more matches for Gematria. Gematria is a mildly interesting abstract concept that is taken to the extreme by these cabbalists. It's not like Gematria changes the fact of the Jewish conspiracy anyway. There are books exposing the real history of the world which debunk the propaganda we are taught in schools so you don't even need Gematria
    And those books are..? Whst have you found so far?


  6. ram29jacksonNovember 22, 2019 at 11:36 PM


    But i suck at this......

  7. Haha. No doubt there will still be some fake winning parley ticket that he will congratulate everyone (himself) on

  8. "Fired" = 33, 104 <<< 10-4 Good Buddy!

    "Navy Secretary Firing" = 104
    "Find Kabbalah" = 104
    "Aids" = 104

    "Fired" = 84
    "M.A.G.A. Signal" = 84


    "Fired" = 42 O
    "Jail" = 42 K

    Write Out 104:

    "Hundred Four" = 163
    "Richard V Spencer" = 163
    "Make America Great Again" = 426, 163 <<< 38th Prime
    "MSM Deception" = 426
    "Full of Lies" = 426

    Ten- Four Good Buddy!

    "Hundred Four" = 134 <<< Vesica Picsis

    "Deep State Rat" = 134
    "Crisis Actor" = 134
    "Media Agenda" = 134
    "Hit and Run" = 134 <<< Illuminati Card Game

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "Secret Agreement" = 158

      "A Trump Message" = 158
      "M.N.F. Home Loss" = 158

      "Superbowl Code" = 158
      "NFC South Names" = 158
      "Second N.F.L. Title" = 158

      "Richard V Spencer - [Eleven Twenty Four]" = 444
      "New Orleans Sunday February Second" = 444
      "New World Order Government Agenda" = 444

      (3) - 4 's?

      "Three Four's" = 135, 135 <<< Gematriot
      "Four Three's" = 135, 135

      "Gematriot Code" = 444
      "Agenda Title Codes" = 444

      "The Key of David" = 135 <<< [135 + 531 = 666]
      "Signal Number" = 135
      "Three Four's Agenda Signal Code" = 911
      "N.F.L. Points Tribute" = 911
      "Freemasonic Symbol" = 911

      "Embedded Agenda Message in Headline Quote" = 911
      "Mind Control Operations" = 911
      "The Idiot American Goy" = 911

      "We Control Pro Sports" = 911 S
      "World Jewish Congress" = 911 S
      "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911 S

  9. 49ers, wearing 1946 hats. 1946= 20=2= 2-2-20.

    1. "Hundredth Season NFC Playoff Decoy Signal" = 1946 J
      "Use Written Number" = 1946 E

      Write Out 1946:

      "Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Six" = 354
      "Forecast of Future N.F.L. Conspiracy" = 354

      1946 to 2019 is 73 Years:

      "NFC Playoff Defeat" = 73 <<<

    2. To 2020 is 74 and thsts more important, yesterday had 74 and 47 numerology

  10. Daily reminder that you had Mariners vs Phillies in the 2019 World Series LOL

    1. Ha! I like this.
      Has this piss ant put out any superbowl pick yet, or has "The Greatest Sports Predictor in the World" got cold feet still?

  11. Great work? On what exactly? The World Series? Almost every day on Patreon?

  12. Harry and Schmacks were trolling him back then and Legionary hates his guts now also. The only losers here are Zach and the accounts standing up for Zach (also Zach).

  13. AnonymousNovember 24, 2019 at 9:09 PM



  14. Please for your own good get off Zach's Patreon ASAP. I promise you, he's doing nothing but scamming you if you're paying to be there. Why do you think he's drifted away from the whole New World Order/conspiracy tone to "Join my Patreon and earn THOUSANDS of sports picks!". It's because 1, everyone sees through his conspiracy BS by now, and 2, it shows his TRUE colors. All he cares about is establishing a base however he can so he can cash in on Patreon. Please, if you value your money, reconsider if you're on his Patreon because he's a fraud plain and simple.

  15. "THOUSANDS of dollars on betting my sports picks" is what I meant to say, my bad.


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