Saturday, November 30, 2019

47 74 | Black Friday brings in record $7.4 billion, November 29, 2019

$7.4 billion on Black Friday, you don't say?

It was the day of a 'stabbing' here, and a 'stabbing' there.

$7.4 billion on Black Friday, following $4.2 billion on Thanksgiving.

And notice below, "Small Business Saturday" pulled in $470-million.

For the record, I sold 1 book on Friday, and 2 on Saturday, so I brought in a whopping $12!

I also contributed exactly $0 to the consumer holiday.


  1. Stop crying about your book sales you aren’t going to get any sympathy here. We aren’t giving you money

  2. You exposed yourself as liar. Why would anyone buy your book? You're taking advantage of the mentally ill on your Patreon site. Scheming $5 plus a month off their disability checks.

  3. This has got to be one of your most idiotic blog posts in recent history (which is saying something). So, 47 = 74 now? LMAO, yeah, speaks for itself, seriously.

    But anyway, so, what are you saying? Are you saying that everyone that participated in Black Friday was paid by the Illumanati? They had to pay just enough people to get to 7.4 million, huh? Amazing how they could pay that many people without any of them leaking any of this top secret information.

    And guess what, nobody cares about your book sales. All you could sell was 1 book on Black Friday? LOL, speaks for itself.


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