Sunday, November 24, 2019

45 47 74 77 163 | Donald Trump's November 16 physical, Bloomberg enters 2020 race & environmental protesters are too white

His checkup was November 16 was on the day leaving 45-days left in the year.

This story comes on November 24, 163-days after Trump's 73rd birthday.

163, 38th prime; Death = 38; Murder = 38; Killing = 38; RIP = 38; Kabbalah = 38; Jew = 38

Walter Reed Medical Center = 137 / 223

11/24/2019 = 11+24+(2+0+1+9) = 47

Notice, Michael Bloomberg is 77-years-old, the magic number in D.C., on the 77th Meridian.

November 24 is 283-days after his birthday (283, 61st prime).  Washington D.C. = 61

$37-million?  November 24 leaves 37-days left in the year.

It's a good day for news from London, focusing on whiteness.

11/24/2019 = 11+24+20+19 = 74


  1. 11-24-2019
    Date Also Written as 24/11 or 2411, the 358th Prime.
    Aaron Rodgers’ birthday is on the 358th Day of the Year 12-2
    61st Regular Season Meeting All Time between SF and GB. The Packers could get from 32-27-2 to 33-27-1, regular season all time with a win.
    61 is Green Bay’s Number
    Curly Lambeau passed on 6-1-1965, right before the 3-peat championship run.
    Paul Hornung was league MVP in ‘61
    The G was put on the helmet for the first time in 1961.
    Since JFK (age 44) (who gained office in ‘61) was friends with Vince Lombardi, he was able to get Ray Nitschke, Boyd Dowler and Paul Hornung to come home on leave during the weekends from the US Army during their service to our country during the 1961 season.
    Hall of Famer Reggie White was born in 1961.
    In 1961 Green Bay gave themselves the name of Titletown.
    Green Bay has been 6-1 in NFL World Championships since 1961.
    61 yard hail mary Rodgers to Rodgers, longest in NFL history
    Fail mary to end the Referee Lockout, stop the replacement refs. This contract was for 8 years and is over after the culmination of Super Bowl 54 on 2-2-2020, the 33rd Day of the Year,
    Groundhog’s Day, and a day with 8 numerology. Did you see how the Refs were on Green Bay’s side this year with bogus calls? Hmmm…??? It’s payback.

    328th Day of the Year
    37 Days Remain in 2019
    ‘Patriots’ = 37 FR.
    Green Bay can get 37th win All-Time against the 49ers today.
    Aaron Rodgers had a story this week about the 37 different receivers he has thrown to in his career. Check it out.

    74 - ‘Dallas Cowboys’ RFR, Dallas could get to 7-4. This happened in past weeks where the date numerology of 55 matched up with the record of 5-5 for a few teams. Maybe coincidence.

    54 - ‘Matt’ EO, ‘Matt’ RO

    47 - The number that reinforces my claim that if Brady even plays, he may end up with a ‘Pull’ = 47 RO

    35 - Aaron Rodgers’ birth number of 35 and his age. It is 8 days until he turns 36.

    24 - (The day matches up so often in the NFL. Sometimes its the loser’s score. Keep that one close. 24, Aaron Rodgers was the 24th pick of the 2005 draft. 24 is one of Jimmy Garoppolo’s birth numbers.

    20 - 20 Year current streak of 5 wins by the Patriots over the Cowboys, could end possibly today. A win over the Pats could further legitimize the coaches willingness to hold onto his job and to legitimize Dallas as a contender for the super bowl. Remember both Green Bay and Dallas will make it into the playoffs for their 33rd time ever. The super bowl is on the 33rd day of the year 333 remaining. Plus GB and DAL have a strong playoff history in the Aikman/Emmitt Smith vs Favre/Sterling Sharpe years. I could see a NFC championship between the two (Dal and GB) but Seattle has just as much bad blood with GB.

    GB wins
    DAL should win,
    Brady goes down with injury

    1. LMAO when Pats and Niners win today.. don't delete this post.

    2. Shanahan can get his 24th loss on the 24th. Or could get 20th win 20 days before his 40th bday on a day with numerology of 20. Or does LaFleur win in his 11th game, an 11 day span from his 40th bday to advance GB to 9-2 on the season.

    3. Who's your picks and why Kid Anonymous? - Insane Unknown

    4. 47 = (11) + (24) + 2+0+1+9
      47 = 1+1 + 2+4 + (20) + (19)
      47 = Kyle Shanahan
      A-Rod is now 4-7 vs 49ers all-time

      18 = 1+1 + 2+4 + 1+9
      Jimmy G gets 18th all-time win

      37pts by Niners with 37 days remaining
      8pts by Packers to stay on 8th win
      45 = 8 + 37
      45 = (11) + (24) + 1+9
      A-Rod is 4-5 vs 49ers in reg. season

  2. He's going to die in office just like Simpsons predicted and female president will be next.

  3. Is it just me or does Zachs photo in this video look creepy as hell and completely photo-shopped

    1. Tells you everything you need to know. He's clearly more interested in his self-esteem/public image than he actually is in spreading the "truth".

  4. NYC black out 77
    Brady born in 77
    Apple 77
    Biden age 77
    Bloomberg John Hopkins U alum and Harvard
    Elijah Cummings John Hopkins / Obama Harvard

  5. WRAMC=58/77
    Bloomberg net worth 58 billion 9 richest in America
    14th richest world wide.
    Trump tower 58 stories won 58th presidential race
    Freemasonry =58
    2019 has the same calendar as in 1985
    Bears champs in 85 Pats champs in 2019

  6. 34th President Eisenhower died at Walter Reed
    JFK would succeed and was assassinated
    Nixon was the VP then president then impeached


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