Saturday, November 16, 2019

32 49 149 | Colin Kaepernick's November 16, 2019 workout

"Year of the black QB". - ESPN

And what a publicity stunt, all theater.


32 x 3 = ?

Hint:  Freemason = 96

And that's a lot of 32.

7/4/1776 = 7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32

He's a former 49er...

This workout comes 149-days after Kaepernick's last game, January 1, 2017.

And what a place and date for a workout.

11/16/2019 = 11+16+(2+0+1+9) = 39 

Today is 13-days after Kaepernick's 32nd birthday.

It was also his 14th day of his age.

More on Riverdale High School.


  1. Zachary K Hubbard = 149

    Zachary = 35

    It makes sense Zachary K Hubbard would write about this 149 days after Kaepernick's last game. Totally scripted.

    Notice how he makes this blog post :58 minutes after the hour

    Hint: Freemasonry = 58

    1. Hubbard = 133
      Government = 133
      Federal Bureau of Investigation = 133

  2. Zach's business partner:

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  4. How about this great psyop attempt from Hubbard to gain the sympathy vote. You were never a teacher you dip shit. All that crap is virtue signalling.

  5. You are a manipulative piece of shit Hubbard

  6. two times sixteen equals thirty two = 357 RO
    the revelation from jesus christ = 357 EO

    1. Write Out 357:

      "Three Hundred Fifty Seven" = 261, 333
      "Symbolic [Three-Five-Seven]" = 261, 333

      357+375+537+573+735+753 = 3330 <<<

      "SecretMessages within the KingJamesVersion HolyBible" = 3330

  7. AnonymousNovember 16, 2019 at 10:02 AM
    Insane Unknown here, fun one today folks... Saturnday great day for a Showcase...
    Saturn = 93 EO
    Kaepernick = 93 EO
    Showcase = 93 EO
    Kaep turned 32 on 11-3.
    His birthday is a 92 day span to Super Bowl. Not 93, but close, maybe the day after SB is big for him.

    His showcase was announced on 11-11
    The last game he played was on 1-1-2017. Like 11.
    During Nov, the 11th month, 11 teams to be visiting (11), during Week 11. Too funny.

    The clincher, from his last game, also played on a Saturday, was exactly 150 weeks ago. Green Bay Packers = 150 EO and also have a Week 11 Bye. That is probably coincidence, right?

    Kaep like I keep saying is tied to the DNC, which will be in Milwaukee in 2020. Kaep turns 33 on election day...

    The 32 above, was a hidden 33. 32 owners and the commish, is 33 people, 32 teams and the 'NFL' like 33 teams/groups. Ready for 3 years, denied for 3 years, 33. It's the 33 bruh. And the 11s. And GB is in there to taunt yall.

  8. Moved the location 60 miles south of NFLs location.
    Kaepernick = 60 RFR

  9. Also remember Riverdale is a current TV show, the one with Luke Perry. Whom just passed this year. It was on 3/4. Stonewall Prep is one of the schools.

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  11. Man, the trolls are spitting more venom by the day, I mean, by the numbers. LOL! Yo Zach? Is it me or these government subsidized trolls are getting good at gematria? You can even feel their desperation. Or maybe the cabalists are feeding them some decodes? By the way, the cabal told their media spinmasters to call Colin a "martyr".

    Martyr = 32


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