Sunday, November 10, 2019

59 88 139 187 227 | Matt Travis' Tribute to Homicide match for Game Changer Wrestling, August 14, 2019 & his November 9 death

Read about the death of Matt Travis here:

Then watch this:

The news of his death came November 10, the day after the accident, a span of 89-days.

He died a span off 88-days from this event, called 'Tribute to Homicide'.

Notice the 187 in the middle of the ring.

Notice it was 2-months and 27-days from the event.

He died on a date with 59 numerology.

11/9/2019 = 11+9+20+19 = 59


  1. crisis actors no one died

    1. Possible.. But also possible that he was a useful puppet that was ritually sacrificed.. HoG was just bought by Master P, so maybe things need to happen before they can become a big player in the wrestling world

    2. Wow this is shocking these people are doing rituals of death, for fame and fortune. To Moloch just like the Babylonians


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