Friday, March 9, 2018

50 52 93 98 121 | Rick Scott signs Florida gun bill, 98-days after his 65th birthday +Eagles Super Bowl 52 riddle ongoing

This news comes Friday, March 9, 2018.

3/9/2018 = 3+9+20+18 = 50

This comes 98-days after his birthday.  

Lupercalia = 98 (Shooting happened on 2nd day of Lupercalia)

The Eagles won the Super Bowl in the 98th season of the league, and we know that is a big riddle with this story, including how they won in Minneapolis, where Marjory Stoneman Douglas is from, who died in '98, the same year Nikolas Cruz was born, 19-weeks after her death.

Notice Rick Scott is 65-years-old as well.  Philadelphia = 65

And notice today is March 9, or 9/3.  Philadelphia Eagles = 93

His 12/1 birthday in '52 fits the riddle as well.  Philadelphia = 121; Prophecy = 52 (SB 52)

Tiger is back at 42!

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