Sunday, March 25, 2018

Emma Gonzalez, the Parkland shooting hoax actress (Even my girlfriend sees it) +JFK conspiracy theory article by CNN

My girlfriend said she saw this speech yesterday, then noticed how when Emma Gonzalez (GI Jane) got off the stage, she was smiling big, like she was so proud of herself for giving the speech.  My girlfriend said it didn't make any sense because she had just been crying on stage like she was so sad, so to turn it around so quick and smile made it seem as if she was an actress.

As I explained to my girlfriend, she is an actress, and that's why they're using the same small group of Jewish children to lie about the Parkland shooting hoax.

*Paul McCartney got in on the action the same day as the Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg speeches. 

And then look at this story right beneath the main headlines...


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