Friday, March 9, 2018

59 99 | North Carolina police tasers and chokes man for jaywalking +Eric Garner parallels in the numbers

North Carolina = 67
Blues Lives Matter = 67
Freemasonry = 67
*Christopher = 67

Nice 1:58 story.  Freemasonry = 158; Christopher = 158

And you have to appreciate the name, Christopher Hickman.  It is a fact, most hicks love cops.

Notice the 99s.  That was the number coded all over the story of the choking of Eric Garner, as well as the death of his daughter.  Of course, this story involves a choking.

Also, notice the 59s, another number coded on the Garner story.  You'll recall, the Garner family got a $5.9-million dollar settlement.

Negro = 59; Slave = 59; Blues = 59; *Kill = 59

Gematria proves truth in seconds.

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