Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018 News | Racist cops and teachers, 93-year-old WWII medic dies, Obama movie, police story at Parkland changes and more!

Kim Jong-un = 114
President of the United States = 114
Trump Card = 114
Trump = 114 (Francis Bacon)
History = 114
World War = 114
Pearl Harbor = 114

How many Freemason connections can you spot in the name Stormy Daniels?

Facebook and Twitter, owned and operated by the CIA, have become leaders in contrived propaganda, have they not?

We can't all just spring forward because a group of assholes want to fuck with us as much as possible.

Nice sunglasses.  Never trust the person who wears shades indoors.

North Carolina = 67
Blue Lives Matter = 67
Freemasonry = 67

Someone was telling me about this story last night.  They told me, "the officer should have killed him."

Fear Mexico says the U.S.!

I don't want to grow up... because I'm a toy 'r' us kid...

Ha!  I love the conspiracy theory about the satanic Clintons.  The conspiracy fact is that it is the whole U.S. Government.

Teacher = 33
Race War = 33

Notice no face is shown of this Parkland teen...

And notice the police story is changing at Parkland, just as it did in Las Vegas.

Serena Williams is back.

More Nazi, World War II and Jewish propaganda using the number 93!

It never ends.  Propaganda = 93

Israel drawn up as a nation on September 3, or 9/3.

Plus, today is March 9, or 9/3.

Look like another Roe vs Wade battle.  What else is new?

Is that the Hickock I know?

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