Wednesday, March 28, 2018

26 | Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas have 'minimally invasive' surgery days apart, another sports "coincidence" +Kyrie's 26th birthday, day of the news

Minimally Invasive surgeries for Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas, days apart, after being traded for each other in the offseason, in part of the ongoing scripted NBA, where its all ritual, and no real.

The Kyrie news came March 23, his 26th birthday.

Game = 26
Sports = 26
Athlete = 26
***Celtics = 26
Jordan = 26; Bryant = 26

Think about the Lakers and Celtics + Jordan.

Read more about Kyrie's birthday here:

The Thomas news came March 28.

The news comes 49-days after his 29th birthday or a span of 50.

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