Sunday, March 2, 2014

33 Watch: Tajikistan | A Thirty-Three State

Tajikistan is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia that borders Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and China to the east. Pakistan is separated from Tajikistan by the narrow Wakhan Corridor in the south.  Tajikistan also has a numerology of 33, one of only eight countries in the world to have this quality, and the most recent to earn it.
  • Tajikistan = 2+1+1+9+2+9+1+2+1+5 = 33
Tajikstan declared its independence September 9, 1991 and earned it on December 25, 1991; a date with a numerology of 3.  After independence, Tajikistan suffered from a devastating civil war which lasted from 1992 to 1997. Since the end of the war, newly established political stability and foreign aid have allowed the country's economy to grow, pleasing those who benefit from trade in commodities such as cotton, aluminum and uranium.

Since 1994, the country has had the same President, Emomalii Rahmon.  To find out how he came to be the leader, one need only look at the numerology of his last name.
  • Rahmon = 9+1+8+4+6+5 = 33
It should be noted that in 1992, Rahmon was the Head of State, and oversaw the beginning of the bloody civil war that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Tajikistan's citizens.

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