Sunday, April 3, 2016

152 | The Over/Under for North Carolina vs Villanova Men's National Championship, April 4, 2016 (2015 Tournament de ja vu)

Notice the over/under is at '152'.  This connects to Pennsylvania, and was also a number coded into the GermanWings plane crash that foreshadowed a Duke Blue Devils National Championship last year.  Let us not forget the name 'Andreas Lubitz', the suicidal pilot, blamed for the crash hoax.

If North Carolina wins, it will be the third time in history Duke and North Carolina won the tournament in back-to-back years.


  1. Hey Zach. I'm new here so I'm wondering... is this tributes to Villanova making it this far or is it foreshadowing an upset? I know the prophecy 106 connection and UNC 106th year, but which has stronger connections?

    1. North Carolina has been getting major tributes the whole tournament and I still see them winning. That said, if Villanova wins, we'll know where I went wrong. The train wrecks all connect back to Philadelphia, and last year that bode well for the Warriors, originally from Philly.

    2. The strange thing for me with Nova is all the 85 tributes yet again for a team in a championship. Last it was Carolina with all the Bears ties, now Nova who won in 85.

      I do still think the Kansas train wreck and the Philly one tie to the winner being the guy who got out. As the Warriors left Philly so too did Roy Williams leave Kansas.

      Just thinking.

    3. I think those are great thoughts.