Friday, April 1, 2016

25 79 | Conor McGregor wins by 'Unanimous Decision', July 9, 2016?

The fight is on July 9, or 7/9.

Mixed = 4+9+6+5+4 = 28
Martial = 4+1+9+2+9+1+3 = 29
Arts = 1+9+2+1 = 13/22
Mixed Martial Arts = 70/79

Reminder, the fight was announced 25-days after the first fight, and is held on a date with 25 numerology.  If the fight were to go to unanimous decision,

7/9/2016 = 7+9+(2+0+1+6) = 25
Fight announced 25 days after first fight, March 5, to March 20
Five 5, Five Minutes each round, five days before Conor's birthday

Other possible scenarios.

Remember, the last time Conor McGregor won a fight, his birthday factored in huge.  His birthday is July 14, and his last fight was won on December 12, after being rescheduled.

Also, keep in mind that McGregor's first UFC Fight was April 6, 2013, the 96th day of the year, fitting for a Freemason sellout.

Freemason = 6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14 = 96
April 6, 96th day of the year

From April 6, 2013 to July 9, 2016, is a span of 3 years, 3 months and 3-days, or 170 weeks, which connects with the Welterweight weigh in limit of 170 lbs.


  1. haha that's what i said in my comment...


    "P.S. If it goes 5 rounds then i think it will end with a "unanimous decision"....

    7/9/2016 = 25

    Unanimous decision = 205/123

    Conspiracy = 123"

  2. Also, Zach did you see this comment yet?? Did you watch the video?

    "Have you seen this interview that Conor McGregor did 10 days before the Diaz fight on ESPN??

    I noticed when it first came out......

    But check it out....

    The interview is 3:33 in length.

    But watch Conor closely..... He clearly throws up the "Pyramid" hand signal a few times during the interview.

    I just re watched this and realized that right at 1:30 he makes the hand signal.....

    and again right at the 2:00 MARK! (UFC 200?)

    Just watch him... he is clearly paying attention to a clock or timer off screen......

    Deliberately doing it at those times in the interview...

    I've seen this happen many times in the shooting hoaxes! and with the victims families.....

    Watch it a few times..... it's so obvious!"

  3. Have you ever looked into NASCAR rigging? I feel like it would be a ripe breeding ground for rigging, from lap numbers to car numbers. Also, why a checkered flag for the end of the race? A tribute to the flooring in Masonic lodges?