Tuesday, April 5, 2016

44 47 64 74 144 404 474 | 'Magnetic Rims' in College Basketball and the NBA? April 4, 2016 College Basketball Championship "Conspiracy"???

There is something wrong with the April 4, 2016 finish to the Men's College Basketball Championship.  Taylor Paige's "miracle shot" that tied the game at 74-74, went through the rim with somewhere between 5.1 and 4.6 seconds on the clock.  When it was all said and done, the shot clock keeper adjusted the time to 4.7 seconds, not by coincidence.

Let us examine what this has to do with 'magnets', and also what setup the 'champion'ship drive.

Where views were frozen on video discussing magnetic rims, and fixed score

Checkout the gematria of 'basketball magnets'.  Familiar numbers.

Basketball = 2+1+1+2+5+2+2+1+3+3 = 22/31/40
Magnets = 4+1+7+5+5+2+1 = 25/34
Basketball Magnets = 47/56/74

Keep in mind this game was played on April 4, 2016.

4/4/2016 = 4+4+20+16 = 44

Remember who got the ball with 4.7 seconds left, Ryan Arcidiacono, the senior point guard for Villanova, playing in his 144th career game.


Think about it, the senior, playing in his 144th game, gets the ball with 4.7 seconds left, on April 4, the April 4 with '44 date numerology', goes down the court, kicks it to big smooth, who nails the game winning three for the championship.  This shot will go down in all-TIME history.

Think about the NBA's theme of years past, the Kanye West song, 'It's Amazing'.

Remember how last night's championship game started at 1:19 UST, the 79th minute of the day?

That senior has some other connections to the tournament as well.

Ryan = 9+7+1+5 = 22
Curran = 3+3+9+9+1+5 = 30
Arcidiacono = 1+9+3+9+4+9+1+3+6+5+6 = 56
Ryan Curran Arcidiacono = 108 (Villanova = 108) (Big Smooth) 
(Golden State Warriors) 
Ryan Arcidiacono = 78 (78th year of college tournament this year)

In regard to this 44 and 144, as I pointed out in earlier blog posts and videos, Pope Francis's visit, and his departure from Philadelphia, on September 27, 2015, had much to do with the NBA Championship last year, as well as this college tournament.

April 4 is also known as '404' day for a variety of reasons.  Checkout these '404' connections.

THE QUESTION- Was the ultimate April 4, '404' hoax pulled off on college basketball tournament fans of the world?  In light of everything else I have shown, I truly think it was.  Magnets in the balls and rims isn't too far fetched, and would be relatively easy to achieve given the technological capability that exists in this world.  For those of you who think this is "far out", let me suggest you take the wool off your eyes.  In the same way someone manages the shot clock and game clock, someone could manage the "magnetic rim".

This would explain so much in the NBA, from miracle shots to very long droughts where teams just can't "buy a bucket".

Ha!  Take it from 'David Blaine'.

David = 4+1+4+9+4 = 22
Blaine = 2+3+1+9+5+5 = 25
David Blaine = 47

And notice the slogan, "Unbelievable".

Unbelievable = 3+5+2+5+3+9+5+4+1+2+3+5 = 47
First NBA Championship in '47 (Won by Philadelphia Warriors)

You might also notice the clip is '33' seconds.

Magic = 13+1+7+9+3 = 33