Saturday, October 8, 2016

13 33 42 49 58 91 99 142 | Washington Huskies 70, Oregon Ducks 21, October 8, 2016 (The Saturn-Sun Ritual)

Notice Oregon has won 13 Bowl Games

In the calculations ahead, you will come to understand just how tightly this game was scripted as a 'GEORGE WASHINGTON' tribute.  This was the 109th game all-time between the two schools, on the date of October 8, or 10/8, where they came in with 108 games played.  Geometry = 108

George Washington died in 1799, on a very specific date.  More on that date in a moment.

Tonight Oregon got blown out in their home stadium by 'Washington', 70-21, summing to 91-points.  91 also connects to '13'.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

Notice below that 'Washington' won by '49' points.

49 = 4+9 = 13
130 >>> 13

The game was a major ritual for Washington State, named after 33rd Degree Master Mason, George Washington.  Washington State was created out of Oregon Territory, the 33rd State.  Washington is the 42nd State.

11x11 = 121; Revelation = 49/121; Washington = 49/130
Notice that on the Julian Calendar, George Washington was born on February 11, what is the 42nd day of the year on our current calendar, the Gregorian.

On our current Calendar, his birthday is February 22, or 2/22, or 22/2.

Anyhow, this game was littered with '42' tributes, let us examine.

Notice that Washington won the first quarter 21-0.  Notice the 21-combined-points in the second quarter.  And notice that at halftime, the score was 35-7, for a total of 42 points.  Of course, Oregon also lost with '21'.

Of course Washington was born in the only month with '42' gematria, February.

Also, notice that Oregon came in with a #5 rank in the nation.

Notice the date George Washington died, December 14, 1799.

12/14/1799 = 12+14+17+99 = 142 (He died in '99, the '13' connection)

Notice Washington scored '21' points in the 1st quarter and the 3rd quarter.  1 3.

Also, notice that 49 total points were scored in the second half.

Again, George Washington was a 33rd degree master mason.  Oregon is the '33rd' state.

I think this year, 2016, Oregon is having to fall on their number.

Oregon is the only state with a '74' gematria, also connecting to the Freemasons.

Remember, George Washington celebrated the first Thanksgiving exactly 74-years before Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday.

It was 1974 Washington beat Oregon 66-0, the largest margin ever between the two rivals.

The Freemasons have built this world around us, even the scripted college football.

Washington = 5+1+1/10+8+9+5+7+2+6+5 = 49/58

Phil Knight, the Nike executive, a Freemason, is the Oregon native that is the financial power behind Oregon athletics.  He went to Cleveland High School in Portland.

This game came 139-days before Phil Knight's 79th birthday.  '58' and '139' connect to Freemasonry.  Notice Phil was born in February, like George.

This game also came 227-days from his 78th birthday.

22 / 7 = 3.14 (Pi)

Phil Knight, being 78, was the right age for a whoopin from the "Washington Huskies'.

As for Phil Knight's company, want to know why Nike is in Oregon?

Notice the date of establishment, February 14, 1859.

2/14/1859 = 2+14+18+59 = 93

Nike's symbol is a ring of Saturn.

Saturn is the keeper of time.

In this world, they say the sun is 93-million miles away.  It is the true keeper of time.  Today has 'sun' gematria, and I think Oregon became part of a Saturn ritual, at their expense, for it.

10/8/2016 = 10+8+20+16 = 54

There is also something about the name 'Washington' and the gematria of Saturn.

Washington = 5+1+1+8+9+5+7+2+6+5 = 49

Last point, with regards to Oregon being the 33rd State, and the only with gematria of '74', it reminds of how Jesus was crucified on the cross at 74 according to most Bible interpretations.  The Catholic Symbol for Jesus on the Cross is the 'Crucifix'.

Tonight, Oregon was crucified, by the numbers.

Also, the other Oregon college football team, the Beavers, won 47-44, a combined 91-points as well.

Notice the Oregon team won with '47', the reflection of '74'.  That reminds that the Huskies, who won in Eugene, in the George Washington tribute, are from the 47th Parallel, Seattle, Washington.

For one more kicker, this game came 137-days before what would be George Washington's birthday, February 22, 2017.  


  1. I think Phil Knight had one of his children sacrificed.

  2. Phil Knight recently donated 330k to the GOP. LOL.

    1. Washington is the better team. They will be for the next several years. Washington State will also be improved.

      This game (+ the 3 other games: UW@UO, OSU@UW, WSU@OSU, UO@WSU) is part of a mason!c numerological based transfer of power ritual in honor of 'Washington' + formally "tap-out" Oregon. I'm sure 33¤ XGX Phil Knight is being celebrated w/ honors for the match he'll use to light the Oregon WickerMan ("Fire" Mark Helfrich) in December 5, 2016.

      Nike/Knight bought the keys to Oregon Athletics and wanted it all. They always do but this one was personal and need done quickly.

      Solution: Coordinated stand down from Washington Football. One where all parties "win", especially Knight & Nike.

      The run of national football prominence provided to Oregon/Knight was 16 years:

      2001 (12-1, PAC10 & Fiesta Champions, #2 BCS)
      - through -
      2016 (3-9 & Not Bowl Eligible)

      During that run, Oregon Football became a Top 10 national program. Even Basketball and Track & Field improved. Baseball was brought back. Funding of >$2B from Knight/Tax Payers/Nike/Donors was spent on amazing new stadiums, arenas, buildings, training facilities, practice fields, athlete dorms, artwork & statues, & large PR programs.

      Washington finishes all its stadium & facility improvements in 2016, right on time to maximize ROI.

      Who wins BIG on this, besides Washington? Nike of course. Knight made $$$ as the "White Knight" of Oregon. Now, with a decade long Washington Athletics contract in Nike's pocket, Knight can win $$$ with every loss.

      Oregon = 33rd State.
      Sixteen = 33
      Orange* = 33
      12/5/16 = 33
      Nike = 39
      Duck = 39

      *Nike's color is Orange (ie: Oregon State).

      Note: Bet they switch back in 2033.

  3. 91 and 13 is also interesting because 13*7 = 91. 137 is of course the 33rd prime.

  4. Cubs with the 5-2 win. 52 for prophecy.

    1. Yes sir, on 10/8...
      10+8+20+16 = 54 (54+54 = 108)

    2. Yes and the Bulls scored 121 points tonight. Possible Revelation sign?

  5. Football is just completely ruined for me...and that's ok. Still had the OU Texas game on today and I actually took a picture of the screen when I saw the clock stopped at 4:41 in the 3rd and No. 58 being walked off the field. Score was 27-35 OU at the time. It was so funny I just started laughing and took a picture! I hadn't really been watching, but I always stop and take note when there is an injury...because the numbers are always telling at that moment!

    1. Ruined?? U mean more exciting trying to decode the zionist BS thats all over the screen?? I love football more now, before I was a steeler fan, now I am a fan of all the games, trying to win money anyway

    2. Actually you're right! Ha! I love that I can look for stuff like this and not give two shits what actually happens in the game. It's quite liberating! Good point!

  6. zack look out for 12/4 i believe

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  8. 12+4+20+16=52(prophecy)

    "Challenge accepted" episode title
    challenge accepted=124 and 70; thought of the date 12/4 same numerology
    season 6 episode 24; "how I met your mother"
    six=52, 16
    cbs=6, 24
    arcadian (a building that was destroy)= 51(conspiracy), 33
    "let it roll" (song in the end)= 123(conspiracy), 42
    this song is from the "all things must pass" album
    all things must pass=203; 23 track album
    Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp=111 new york, 228

    aired on cbs on march 16 2011`

    Hotel Pennsylvania (building arcadian modle after)
    ironically the giants play pittsburg steelers this day
    Across the street from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, this classic Midtown Manhattan hotel in a (1919) building is a 7-minute walk from the Empire State Building and an 11-minute walk from Times Square.
    (notice the 7-11, what trump mistake nine eleven for)

    Address: (401) 7th Ave, New York, NY 1000
    GNB(bank responsible for arcadian destruction)=14,23
    Architect of Destruction=103; 41 the 13th prime
    now in this epsiode ted press the button to destroy a building; don't know
    how related this is but in nba 2k17; alanah send you a pager code "41235"
    code for pres looks like press. the 41 and 23 shows up in GNB gematria;
    5 sums to 24 like the number of episode in the season; and cbs.
    this is 2k part 10 and ten=39 like new york.

  9. Oregon is another scramble of George/
    And George is a disguise for the word Gorgon, I think.
    Medusa was the Gorgon sister with snakes for hair whose face was so terrible and scary, all who looked upon her froze with fear.
    MedIA spews doom and gloom propaganda 24/7 to keep people under control

  10. This was pretty solid. One thing to note here of IMPORTANCE, tonight's 2ND Presidential Debate is at Washington University, in St Louis, MO.

    Our 33rd President, Harry S. Truman, was born in MO, died in St. Louis, and was the successor to FDR whom "died while in office".

    I know hometown/local football is fun and important but the parallel between the rival college game and the debate seems, well, obvious now. Anderson Cooper (the Vanderbilt descendent), Martha Raddatz.

    Concise list of my debate breakdown,

    Today leaves 84 days left in the year including the end date. 84 days is 2 months 23 days! 223 or 322 reversed.

    St. Louis Coordinates 38N X 90W.
    'Anderson' = 90 E.O.
    'The Donald' = 38 E.R.
    Behind the scenes, I know these two respect each other very much. Vanderbilts are way bigger in power than we realize.

    'Show Me State' = 888 E.S.
    'Donald J. Trump' = 888 E.S.
    D. Trump in the show me mode, Revelation?!

    Martha Raddatz birth Numerology 2+14+19+53=88
    'Trump' = 88 E.O.

    I have yet to find someone publicly who is # 1. Voting for Hillary # 2. Voting at all.

    1. Great info! It really does seem like they are trying to bring about revelation, or at least make us think so. As much as I'm trying not to be on the edge of my seat, waiting for the other shoe to drop..I can't really help it. It's pretty clear that the hammer is going to come down in one form or another...and probably sooner than later...

  11. I got free tickets to this game and actually went to highschool with the true freshman qb justin Herbert. You think you can look into him zack? Hard to believe this stuff but I don't doubt it

  12. This game could be used in a mason!c numerological game scripting 101 class.
    This one had it all.
    Zach: Thank you for the fantastic de-code.