Wednesday, October 12, 2016

187 | The GOP's Civil War, October 12, 2016, CNN frontpage

Another day, another 187 headline for Donald Trump.


  1. "Burning his Bridges" = 113
    "Trumps Ghost will haunt GOP" His ghost? One must be dead to have a ghost.
    "Ghost" = 33

    1. Thanks my friend. This language is becoming more fluent every day.

  2. Does anyone else find the following strange? Is there a legitimate reason for why these Saturn numbers (9.69) come up time after time? I'm really starting to wonder. As Zach surely already knows, his name Gematria (Zachary Hubbard=138) plus its inverse = 969. My first name (Jewish Gematria = 435) plus its inverse is also 969.

    That makes me think it isn't that strange after all, but I still don't get WHY. With Sumerian Gematria, it makes a little more sense since everything is multiplied by 6. But check out what's below and see if that seems crazy. English and Gematria seem to be very, very intertwined in almost a mystical type of way. It's wild.

    Six Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Six = 2454 (Sumerian)…2454+4542 = 6996

    Nine Hundred Sixty-Nine = 1428 (Jewish)…1428+8241 = 9669
    Nine Hundred Sixty-Nine = 1530 (Sumerian)…(1x5x3) + 1530 = 1545…+5451 = 6996

    Eight Hundred Eighty-Eight = 246 (Simple)…246+642 = 888
    Eight Hundred Eighty-Eight = 138 (Pythagorean)…138+831 = 969

    How about the word ‘Number’…

    Number = 438 (Sumerian)…(4x3x8) + 438 = 534…+435 = 969

    1. Saturn controls time and space and our dimension. Almost every single corporate logo or symbol you see in everyday life can be linked to Saturn. Most movies and music also have and underlying Saturn story within them. Remember ISRAEL is made from Isis, Ra, and EL. El is of course Saturn.

    2. Exactly Nicks, this material world, physical plain, whatever you want to call it, is all ruled over by worshipers of Saturn, El, or whichever old world God you feel like picking, they are all the same dude/lady or lady-dude. So, with that in mind and their complete control over medias, languages, empires, and religions of the world, of course everything comes back to that 969. Those of us who are on the opposition of all of this often code out to the same numbers, maybe because we were put here to fight it.

      Of course, that gets into the metaphysical and mystical parts of the world, and not everybody likes to talk or even think about that.

    3. I know about the ancient Egyptian gods...or the so-called Mystery Religions. There is still much to learn, but I understand the importance of Saturn. I just don't get how the numbers work out so well. It seems so implausible. These two, however, are no accident:

      Isis = 336 (Sumerian) 336+633 = 969
      Osiris = 534 (Sumerian) 534+435 = 969

      Just as important, or perhaps more so, is the son Horus. I can't find much meaning in the numbers for Horus though.

  3. the word israel means saturn.
    this is the third result from googling israel means saturn, by the numbers caught my eye and just by reading the beginning i know he knows something...
    (from that page below)
    If you are new to this. Saturn has a million names. Saturn is a god, and was also a man. The planet is named after the god, as is the day "Saturday" which comes from Saturn's Day, which is the Jewish holy day, because they no doubt worship Saturn, who is Yahweh also.

    Here's some examples from books, showing that "Israel" means Saturn, and also Jacob was Saturn as well. Remember, Jacob is the lier.