Tuesday, October 11, 2016

74 | 'A strategy of disgust?', CNN's October 11, 2016 presidential election story



  1. everybody knows trump had no aspiration to be president, this election is a joke.

  2. Zach, Ive been using the gematria calculators to decode words and have noticed that their values are different than some of the values that you list on this blog. I figured out why that is though..There are times when you wont reduce the number 10 down to 1, but will instead let its value remain as such, while the calculators seem to automatically reduce all 10's back down to 1.

    Example: Alex Jones = 1+12+5+24+0+10+15+14+5+19 = 105

    Reduced to...

    Example: Alex Jones = 1+3+5+6+1+6+5+5+1 = 33

    you dont reduce the two 5's down to 1 but instead let them maintain the 10 value. But you likewise reduce the other two 10's to one, So you produce a value of 33 for the name "Alex Jones" while the calculators produce a value of 105 or 6..

    This methodology is not explained in any of your instructional videos. Could you please explain your reasoning for why and when this method should be employed??? Is there a calculator that allows you to preserve the value of 10 as it is, or do I have to decode manually as you do in order to maintain this value in the decode??

    1. You are mixing some stuff up here. On the Riding the Beast calculator, English Reduction and English Ordinal are the two you want to use. Alex Jones equals 33...the reason you are saying it is 6 is because you are clicking that box "reduce" which breaks it down further by doing 3+3 = 6. That's not what Zach is talking about under the reduction method. That is something else in case you want to reduce everything down to a single digit, for whatever reason.

      However, for the English Reduction method, there are a few other things to keep in mind which do not show up on the calculator. Since S is the 19th letter, it reduces to 1+9=10...it is then reduced to 1+0=1. However, S is the only letter that has to be broken down twice like that, so you can count it as 10 or 1. The calculator counts it as 1, so add 9 in your head for every S if you want to calculate it the other way.

      Furthermore, K is the 11th letter and V is the 22nd letter. 11 and multiples of it are "master numbers" and thus do not need to be broken down at all, but they can be. The calculator does break them down, so again you'll have to manually do the math if you want to calculate something the alternative way. For K, you add 9 just like with S since it is being counted as 1+1=2 and you need 9 more to make it 11. V is the 22nd number, which breaks down to 2+2=4, so if you want to count it as 22 instead, you'll have to add 18. Does all this make sense?

    2. ugh, when people don't put in the time to learn this they can get confused and jump to conclusions - mostly off putting to their own learning curve.

      I spent well over 6 months following the YouTube channel before making my way to the blog - I wasn't ready to digest it. this knowledge takes time to understand and to be able to discuss in minutia.

    3. Ok...Thanks for clearing that up for me Kyle!!!

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