Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 57 65 144 | Chicago Cubs defeat San Francisco Giants in NLDS, October 11, 2016

Remember, there is a ritual in place, connecting to 'Florida'.  The Cubs have history with a ball club from that state, so do the Indians.

The Cubs number this season from documentation is '94'.  How about 4 runs in the 9th?

31 at bats to win the Series 3-1.

I love that the Giants had a 144 total pitches.

Based on who the Cubs were starting today, and their trajectory for the World Series, I was pretty sure they would be advancing in this game.  Today is October 11, 2016, and Lackey was the starter for the Cubs.

10/11/2016 = 10+11+20+16 = 57


Today's date came 191-days from the start of the MLB season.