Friday, October 14, 2016

31 127 | Tony De Lorenzi picks Los Angeles Dodgers to defeat Toronto Blue Jays in World Series 2016 +My feedback

Tony pointed out the Dodgers 31st game of the season was @Toronto Blue Jays, May 6, 2016 (This is true, I counted myself).  It was a three game series, concluding May 8, the Dodgers 33rd game of the season.  The Dodgers won the World Series in '58, 58-years ago.  He also talked about how the phrase 'Dodgers win the World Series' sums to 127.  What he did not link, is how 127 is the 31st prime number.

*This year will be the 112th World Series.

If his pick is correct, I'll remember this correlation, with the schedule and a phrase such as 'This team wins championship'.

For now, I still like what is lining up for the Cubs.  I especially like that the NLCS between the Cubs and Dodgers is beginning at 7:08 pm or 19:08 military time.  The Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908.

Another thing, Tony is saying the Cubs will win next year.  I do agree, if the Cubs lose this year, they'll win next year, because then it will have been 108-seasons.

108 is the riddle, and the basis of my pick for them winning this year.

Also, if you missed my post on Dave Roberts, it adds to the intrigue:

That said, the Cubs manager has some connections going on as well: