Sunday, October 2, 2016

33 39 48 68 118 123 174 | Kanye West removed from Meadows Festival shot, October 2, 2016, for "family emergency"

I have a hunch on why this happened in New York today.

10/2/2016 = 10+2+20+16 = 48 (New York = 39/48) (Illuminati = 48) (Evil = 48) (Hoax = 48)
10/2/2016 = 10+2+(2+0+1+6) = 21
10/2/2016 = 1+0+2+2+0+1+6 = 12
10/2/16 = 10+2+16 = 28

Notice he was at the 'Meadows Festival'.

Meadows Festival = 57/75/93/174 (New World Order = 75/174)

We've seen '174' showing up in rap related deaths this year.

I'm sure whatever the outcome is, it will be ratings and sales for the Kardashians.

And here's a hunch on why Kanye was brought into this family.

Notice Kanye is currently '39' years old, and was born on June 8, or 6/8.  '68 was a big year for New York.

Here's another good one for Kanye West and the man who made him famous, Jay-Z.  If you've never seen my work on Kanye West's wedding and Jay-Z's, they're mirrors of each other; centered on '44' and '144'.

This incident comes a span of 118-days from his birthday, the number connected to death, just ask Prince and Vanity.  The incident took place in the early hours of October 3, in Paris, France.  Niggas in Paris?

That album was released on the anniversary of Tupac's death, which was a date with '118' numerology.

Remember the paths to being famous?  A ) Sacrifice  B)  Homo

Kanye West also has that 'sacrifice' number connected to him, and he was born on the 33rd Parallel, in Atlanta, a city that has seen rap related deaths in recent months.

The name Kanye West connects to 'conspiracy' as well as the recently deceased, 'Shawty Lo'.

This news comes 123-weeks after the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, May 24, 2014.

Again, Kanye West is currently 39-years old.

Update:  Here is the latest information on the 'gunpoint' story, 116-days after Kanye West's birthday.


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  2. "One day I'm gon marry a porn star."

    - Hell Of A Life (2010)

    "My girl a superstar all from her home movies."

    - Clique (2012)

  3. He sacrificed his mom, they tried to kill him in that car accident, he's broke and he takes fingers in the rear. Killing his career maybe the best option for the label to recoup $

    1. It's just a story. These people lives are basically fiction.

      Seems like this ridiculous jewel thief/held at a gunpoint Kardashian plotline could be a tribute to that soap opera creator that died this past week at age 93 Agnes Nixon.

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