Thursday, October 13, 2016

33 42 58 59 75 139 187 | Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize, October 13, 2016 +His coming death & the death of Prince

Before I even read the headline, I knew his nearing death would be encoded.

It's a 187 on a Nobel Prize winner, that's Dr. Dre's 2020 track that's not out yet for Bob Dylan.

Does this '421' gematria remind you of anyone?  Maybe someone that would die '4 U'?  A man that was a 'Prince' before he was a 'Symbol'?  Bob Dylan, like Prince, is from Minnesota.

Notice that Bob Dylan is receiving this "New World Order' award at age 75.

Bob Dylan was still 74-years old when Prince passed.  Not by coincidence, he had 33-days left of being 74 the day Prince passed.  I wonder where Bob was on this day.

You might recall that Prince died on the Queen's birthday, who turned 90, while he was 57.  That was also a difference of 33-years.

Today's date, the date of the award, connects to the title 'Nobel Prize' and 'kill'.

10/13/2016 = 10+13+20+16 = 59 (Blues = 59) (Bob borrowed from the Blues)

The gematria of 'Swedish Academy' is the same has 'Freemasonry'.

Of course 'Swedish' sums to '33', the number of Freemason obsession.

Of course this award comes in October, fitting for a Jewish 'Robert'.

Way to encode the 93 CNN!

Way to encode the 139 CNN!

Remember, Bob Dylan is Jewish.  Let us examine what is significant about his name in light of him being born in the year '41.  Keep in mind he received his award today, on the 13th.

His birth name is Robert Allen Zimmerman, connecting to '13'.

His birth year also connects back to 13.

This award comes 142-days after Dylan's 75th birthday.

If they do plan to kill Bob Dylan in connection with this award, 187-days from his birthday will be 45-days from today, November 27, 2016.

The date, November 27, 2016 has standout numerology.  It is also the 27th.

11/27/2016 = 11+27+20+16 = 74 (Masonic = 74) (Jewish =74) (Killing = 74)
11/27/2016 = 11+27+(2+0+1+6) = 47 (Minnesota = 38/47)
11/27/2016 = 1+1+2+7+2+0+1+6 = 20
11/27/16 = 11+27+16 = 54 (Sun) (Often paired with '93)


  1. Do you all remember the Bob Dylan interview (on 60 mins I believe) in which he basically acknowledged that he made a deal with Satan to be where he is today?

    1. I have mentioned it many times before. I even brought it up in the video I made yesterday, prior to this news.

    2. Ok cool, sorry. I should have known you've already talked about it. You're on top of everything.

      I had a college professor who is originally from Minneapolis, and when he attended the University of Minnesota, he provided guitar lessons to other students. One of the students that came for lessons was Robert Zimmerman way early on before he was famous. My professor said he didn't think much of him at the time as he wasn't particularly talented in a way that stood out.

      Later on in life, he saw Zimmerman's face on a building where he was having a concert, along with the name Bob Dylan. My professor was very jealous to say the least because he thought that should've been him instead of this guy whom he recalled as having no special talent whatsoever. Perhaps Zimmerman practiced really, really hard and got a lot better, or maybe the Zimmerman name and bloodline were his easy ticket to fame. Hmmmm.

      This is a true story. The professor's name is Marvin Karlins.

    3. Yeah basically saying how he's just holding up his end of the bargain. I was actually just thinking about that the other day, funny you brought that up

    4. Dylan did not exactly say satan, I believe he said the "head chief" or something like that. Perhaps the head chief is actually the CIA, who are actually the ones that control the entertainers. They just want to push the satanic agenda to spread fear. Joni Mitchell always called Dylan a fraud, most likely because he never even wrote his songs. I am a Dylan fan and love his music, but if you research this guy he is all BS. According to Miles Mathis, most likely the real person who wrote his music was Leonard Cohen, also Jewish. Nothing is actually as it seems. Why they always use all the numerology to stage a fake person and story is beyond me. That is the real mystery. But if he does die, I suspect it is a hoax. And then he can live out the rest of his lying life in the shadows, as so many others just like him do. He can hang out with other death fakers such as Prince, JFK, RFK, Elvis and Bowie.

    5. Yes, but when asked if he meant the head chief of this world or of something bigger outside of this life, he said both. I'm pretty sure that's how it went.

    6. I believe that they awarded Dylan the Nobel to out him in the same way as Milli Vanilli were given the Grammy. If he hasn't been writing his own lyrics all these years, he will have to return the prize in shame.

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    8. Bob Dylan
      Gematria Jewish 519
      Gematria Reduction 30
      Gematria Summerian 450
      Gematria Ordinal 75
      Gematria English 849

      Nobel Prize in Literature
      Gematria Jewish 1420
      Gematria Reduction 121
      Gematria Summerian 1644
      Gematria Ordinal 274
      Gematria English 2110

  2. Bob was playing a gig in Tokyo, Japan at Orchard Hall on 4-21-16


      Bob played the 2150 seat Orchard Hall. I get a kick out of the 747 seat Cocoon Theater

      Cocoon Theater=142

    2. concert date in Lubbock october 20 2016

      12 21 ( dropped zeroes ) 6 ---->>> 3 3 6
      ( home of his personal idol Buddy Holly, killed tragically also )

  3. My sister really likes his music


  5. I find this odd because today there is news that Leonard Cohen said he is "ready to die". Some connections here.

    1. Some people believe that Cohen was actually behind Dylan's lyrics. So that is VERY interesting!

  6. Would they do the obvious 38 days later and kill him 11-20-16? It would be the beginning of his 3939th week on Earth.

  7. Also speaking of in utero, connecting Obama birthday to in utero to 11/20. 40 days before 11/20/16 a movie documentary called "In Utero" came out

  8. "Dylan, 75, is the 108th winner of the most prestigious literature prize in the world."

    From October 13, 2016 announcement to December 10, 2016 awards = 59 days (8 weeks and 3 days) including end date or 58 days (8 weeks and 2 days).

    1. From one of Zach's older posts,
      "When you sum 108 + 108, it totals 216, the product of multiplying 6x6x6."