Monday, October 17, 2016

33 43 106 133 | Julian Assange's internet turned off by Ecuador, October 17, 2016

Julian Assaange is a made for mainstream media personality.

The date of this incident corresponds with the name 'Julian Assange'.  This news comes Monday, October 17, 2016.

10/17/16 = 10+17+16 = 43

This news comes 106-days after his birthday.  Prophecy = 106


  1. Additional (full) Gematria analysis [based on old-XVI c. Latin calculators and English Kabbalah] of the death of FMR Alberta Premier Jim Prentice [who, died in a plane crash], "by the numbers" - enjoy the reading -it is FREE(!):

  2. WikiLeaks has always been a joke. Julian Ass ranger is a fake, virtual person like Edward Snowden and Chelsea the Transgender solder snitch. Just characters used to advance the secret spy narrative, Cold War 2, Electric Boogaloo.

    Where do these bitches "live"? Julian is at the Equadoran embassy in London, so unavailable (except for the purposes of posing with other bs celebrities like Pam Anderson who just supposedly visited him? Why would she do that? Oh yeah, photo ops to keep this character in the Nooz and pretend he's real. But if u went down there to visit him you'd be turned away.

    Where does Edward Snowden "live"? In Moscow somewhere supposedly. Chelsea conveniently in a military prison.

    Made up characters in the simulated soap opera world the Overlords want us to believe is real. Bread and circuses for the virtual age.

  3. well! what's next? what do the numbers tell us?