Wednesday, October 12, 2016

33 44 79 101 | Nadine Hernandez, officer investigating Derrick Rose rape case, found shot dead, October 11, 2016 (Pure propaganda)

First, notice that the woman was '44' years old, and she was a police 'officer'.

The name of the woman, a likely fictional character, also has name gematria corresponding with murder.

Where she died connects to the word 'assassin'.

It also connects to '101 hoax killing by the numbers', a class I'm in my third year of teaching.

Her time of death confirms the hoax.  Notice that time is 15:27 in military time.

327 = 3x2x7 = 42
15:27 = 15+27 = 42

The address of 8400 also connects to the age of '44'.  Remember, the divisors of '44' sum to '84'.

And the hospital, PIH?

And notice the layer of confusion.  Was it a suicide!?

The whole sexual assault is a hoax as well.  Just more ritual shaming of black men in the world of professional sports.  It comes with the multi-million dollar salaries paid by their Jewish bosses.


  1. This is a News Story from Michigan this week. We have super corrupt Police and School Official's in Michigan because many are part Small Membership Lodges.

  2. This seems like an offering to the conspiracy theorists. The shady looking "suicide" of an "investigator" - I use quotes so much because this shit is pure fiction btw - this is just there for people to run pick up and run with, like I see people do with all that conspiracy candy about the Clintons, Obama, Trump, insert celebrity name, etc...

    Just a reminder: All these stories are fiction. The news is fiction. The alternative news is fiction. They want us to believe in their fake world, but remember it's just a soap opera/PSA.