Wednesday, October 12, 2016

33 | 'Rhonda' calls for revolution if Hillary wins at Mike Pence rally, October 12, 2016 headlines

This article is exactly the opposite of what the majority of America thinks.  The majority of America is ready to move to Canada if Donald Trump wins.

Also, let us not forget that George W. Bush, of the Republican Party, won in 2000 and 2004 due to the states of Florida, and Ohio, respectively, which were focused on for weeks before both elections, and where voter fraud was suspected in both cases.  Hello Diebold (33).  In 2000, GWB's brother was the Governor of Florida, Jeb....

Anyhow, look at the name of the woman that the article is centered on, 'Rhonda'.

And honestly, what woman would be dying for Donald as the President?


  1. same day that Ronda Rousey was announced to fight Nunez in UFC 207? on a date with 123 coding. Rousey going for her 13th win to make her record 13-1 (131) and Nunez going for her 14th win to make her record 14-4 (144).

    "Cyborg wants that fight, Ronda wants that fight," White said. "Ronda's plan is to come back, win her title back. If that happens, the Cyborg fight will definitely happen."

    Gee I wonder who is going to win /sarcasm

  2. Hey Zac off Topic what about Tiger Woods WD from that event that started tomorrow

    1. I did a video on him coming back tomorrow, did you see it?

    2. Yea I did a good insight on why and how those scandals were brought about. On the 59 date numerology etc.
      So I guess him pulling out was all part of the ritual more humiliation for him saying his game isn't ready
      He has said he plans to return to competitive golf at the Hero world challenge starting December 1st ending on the 4th

    3. Returning to golf on the 59 date numerology linked with black people

  3. My former girlfriends father, Mike Connell, was a website designer for the bush administration. Supposedly Karl Rove did 90% of his emailing through his website. Anyway, Connell was in DC speaking out about the rigging of the 2004 election because he found incriminating evidence on his website. Karl Rove later threatened him saying: "you're gonna have to take the fall for this one Mike." Connell died on December 19 2008 flying home in his private plane coming back from protesting in DC. Aside from "Mike Connell" equaling 113 and him dying on a date with 59 numerology, nothing about his death seems overtly "by the numbers." I just think it's interesting that before I knew of gematria, I've directly experienced how these fucks killing people has impacted a family. Of course, after his death the government shelled out millions to his widowed wife. You can read about him on Wikipedia, Robert Kennedy jr. Called the circumstances surrounding his death "more serious than watergate."

  4. Here is a Programmer, testifying under oath to creating vote rigging software and being asked to create the software by a politician in the state of Florida, and he believes it was used in the Ohio Presidential Election of 2000 and 2004. Maybe controlled opposition but worth consideration:

    1. Very good, thank you. As we know, the presidential elections are predetermined so worrying about vote rigging in regards to the presidential race is a waste of time. However, that software could've been used to skew the numbers for a desired outcome or something.

    2. I think the best thing that could happen is if like literally NO ONE even showed up to vote. Wouldn't that be funny as hell. Then what would they do!?! Damn...I wish we could make America just protest the vote. They can't rig our votes, if we just simply don't vote!

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  6. "The majority of America"? Laughable and foolish - nobody is ready to move to Canada...ONLY the majority of Hollywood is ready, which is actually a minority, yes; the people, nationwide are with Trump, look at the rallies - 10-20 thousand attending, 'Hillary for Prison' has vetted 200-300 people, attending her "rallies"; number 2 - the Clintons have been much harder on women than Trump, while in PUBLIC OFFICE. Trump only made PRIVATE [stupid!] comments as a private citizen and businessman, but he was a private citizen back then, who cares? If you happen to be ignorant, you can check the stats - the majority Top Management positions in ALL Trump's companies are held by women...Your "decoding" (using wrong Gematria codes most of the time) of this article is a total bias towards Hillary Clinton, nothing more...

    "Rhonda" = 68 (4 + 12 + 15 + 22 + 6 + 9) in English Kabbalah #2

    "Rhonda" = 44 (12 + 4 + 7 + 14 + 6 + 1) in English Kabbalah #1

    "Rhonda" = 30 (8 + 8 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 1) in Latin Reduction Gematria

    44, 68 is well-known, 30?

    30 - a person who beats (beater) - she is calling for a revolution, remember?, also means the 12 letter of the Hebrew alph. - 'lamed' means -"a gateway to complete and absolute liberation from suffering. 'Lamed' represents the possibility and the potential to be completely liberated, to be 100% FREE", and this is what she is talking about in the rally, pure and simple!

    thirty - 697 - Roman Catholic Church [that came up recently in the email scandal]...

    End of this story

    check more on for correct calculators and prompt Gematria codes, dated back in the XVI c.

    here are they are: