Thursday, October 6, 2016

33 45 55 | Obama approval hits record high for second term, 55%, October 6, 2016, 33-days before election

55% for the 55-year old.  Numerology = 55

I remember that Obama just returned from the funeral in Synagogue of Satan land.

Satan = 55

Obama's approval being at a record high, a month before the election, is another sign for Hillary, that she is the next President to be, just as Obama has said she would.

Remember, Hillary and Barack share ties to Chicago.  This news coming in October, might also be a nod to a special part of that city.

Chicago = 37; Cubs = 9/18; Chicago Cubs = 55

The November 8 election is 33-days from today, or 4-weeks and 5-days.  Again, a lot lines up for Hillary Clinton being #45.