Tuesday, October 4, 2016

42 44 76 106 181 | CNN's feature article on the Tulsa race riots of May 31, 1921 compared to Terence Crutcher shooting


I just said how the Crutcher twins shooting was a tribute to the Tulsa race riots, now look at what is the headline story.

Notice the 4:42 post time.  Shooting = 44; Crutcher = 42; February = 42; Nigger = 42


Remember, September 16 is the day that leaves 106-days left in the year, and the race riots of 1921 happened in the 'Greenwood' District.

Of course, within 24-hours of the Tulsa shooting story, there was the Charlotte, North Carolina shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

And we don't need to ask to why they're using Police officers and shootings to spark race riots.

In the recent purposeful racial divisiveness created by the media, they have used the number '76'.  The date of the Tulsa Race Riots, May 31, 1921, was a date with '76' numerology.

5/31/1921 = 5+31+19+21 = 76