Tuesday, October 4, 2016

42 59 79 | Dwayne Wade's sons, Zion, Zaire & Xavier (Zaire (59), his oldest, born February 4)


Do you think Wade named his own children?

Of course their last name is also interesting.

The boys' birthdays are as follows.

Zaire (59).

Notice Zaire was born in 'February', on 4/2, or 2/4.  That's the month that ends of the 59th day.

42, 59...

Zion (64).

May 29 is the 149th day of the year, the day leaving 216 remaining.

5/29/07 = 5+29+07 = 41 (13th prime)

Wade is returning to Chicago after 13-seasons, to play in the city of Rahm Israel Emanuel.

Xavier (79).

November 19 is the 323rd day of the year.


  1. You should do one on P Diddys oldest son.

    His oldest son and his song
    ( I'll be missing you) have same gematria.