Saturday, October 1, 2016

51 623 | Hoboken, NJ Train Wreck & Super Bowl 51 frozen at 623 views and 51 likes for 2-hours+

Earlier tonight, at least 2 hours ago, the views and likes are what they still are now.

I decided to take a peek at 623 on gematrix.  The President's name is interesting.

Federal = 51; Conspiracy = 51


  1. Lucy!!! Watched that movie the other night. Just another occult film like the rest of them!! It parallels with the first human ape called "lucy" and how Lucy in the movie turns herself into God

    1. Monkey can also be a refrence to mimicking behavior. Aping someone is doing what they do, matching your behavior and beliefs to the society that surrounds you.
      When in Rome do as the Romans, etc..

      I think that's what the Overlords mean when they day man came from monkey. Not literally, but we mimicked what we were shown and taught.
      Curious George... Washington

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