Saturday, October 22, 2016

64 311 | 311, the 64th prime number (Prime Numbers to remember)

311 and 64 are both significant numbers, and this pairing makes much sense.

USA breaks down to 3 1 1
American = 64 (Simple English Gematria)
The Beast = 311 (Jewish Gematria)

'Beast' is an interesting word.  It has gematria of 47, like 'time', and matching the year Israel was established as a nation, November 29, 1947.  Words such as 'authority', 'obey' and 'judge' also have gematria of '47, as do words like 'foundation' and 'framework'.  See Euclid's 47th Problem, important to Freemasonry.

Israel = 64
Zion = 64
Thelema = 64 (Thelema worships 93, see my work on Israel and 93)
Synagogue of Satan = 64
Do what thou wilt = 64


  1. Jackie Robinson =64 born 31/1 with a .311 batting average.

  2. These numbers are very important to them..Barack Hussein Obama = 64, "Barry" = 64. Joe Biden = 64
    TRUMPS BIRTHDATE 1946: 46 + 64 = 110
    PUTIN IS NOW 64 YEARS OLD, 64+46 = 110

    64 + 46 = 110, the Number of the Vatican (110 = SANCTA SEDES/SS)
    311+131+113 = 555, the Highest Death.. Iraq War began 555 Days after 911, 5555 Days after 911 is 26.11.2016!

    The 64 refers to the Chackerboardfloor, 8x8 Fields. "Light and Darkness" = 64 (Pi). 88 Starconstellations in the Nightsky. I suppose its a Number of the Black Sun, refering to Stars and Space.
    The Numbers 74 / 47 refer to time(Saturn) and GOD, G7-D4 in the jewish Spelling. G-d is El, El is Saturn, Saturn is Time..

  3. Oakland Raiders head coach
    Jack Del Rio - 202 Days from birthday to game.
    202 = 64.
    311- 64th prime.
    So does this mean Oakland win vs Jags or lose & does this bodes well for Jack or bad? I have Jags winning but Oakland covering the spread.

  4. Zachary K Hubbard adds up to 149 in simple gematria. 149 is the same gematria as Judas Iscariot, Skull and Bones,End of the World, Forty Seven, Serpent of Old among other ominous phrases that I cherry picked.


    Of course since it's you I'm sure you'd be more than willing to overlook such sinister coincidences, but would indulge in them when it comes to everyone else. After checking out your page all this time I realize that any given number has some sinister meaning and any given date has some special meaning. I guess that's how gematria works. There's 365 days in a year and apparently all of them are guaranteed to have some "significance". Doesn't matter whether a name adds up to 33 or any number before and after. It could be 31 or 36 and you'd probably find some sinister meaning in it. It's all arbitrary. There's a name for it and I guarantee whatever it adds up to you'll probably find some nefarious meaning behind it. It's called confirmation bias
    Then there's the cherry picking fallacy alluded to when I highlighted all these sinister phrase that the same gematria as your name.

    First of all, numerology and the occult are man made. It's meanings are contrived. 33 only has meaning because superstitious groups centuries ago said it does. There is no real wisdom in the occult. It's all a bunch of stupid pretentious long winded bullshit. Occult is a way for men to act intellectual while clinging to superstitions. It's nothing but a bunch of sinister fairy tales. There nothing enlightened about any of the mumbo jumbo. It only has meaning because men ages and ages ago said it means something. 47 only means something because some guys with a geometry fetish said so. The occult and numerology are contrived and arbitrary. It means only as much you think it does. Just like the superstition of 7 being a lucky number.

  5. November Second (Game 7 of WS) = 154, 64