Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October 5, 2016, CNN's clown reporting, "Stephen King weighs in"


  1. These dumb shit clowns are coming to So Cal. One city being targeted is Compton. Rough city, they won't make it out of there, haha!

  2. I told you about the first time that King said something about the clowns, it was 1 year and 19 days before the release of IT next year. The whole thing is an advertisement with a fear porn bonus. I imagine lots of clowns this Halloween. Also, I was watching an episode of Dexter where a group of cops were doing crimes in clown masks. Probably who most of these clowns are.

    Clownin Around'-163--thrirty three--Barack Hussein Obama

    Clowning Around-1444J-Yes We Can

  3. Makes me think of the Joker and Batman.
    Right now we have a storm coming. Storm=150 and 22 (clown=22, so does CERN and DARPA)
    So good chance we also have HAARP operating right now. HAARP=150
    This shit is getting weirder by the day. That's all I can say....

  4. Clowns are a big distraction for the election. Innocence cut with fear, hiding behind make up, a personality that can be happy or evil. Represents the duality of the divide and conquer two party, two gender system. Childish fear, uncertainty, McDonald's type fear based impulsive consumerism, hidden agenda, etc.

  5. When i was growing up we had tons of creepy clowns walking around, they're called Juggalos;-)

  6. "...the important thing for the public to realize is underneath all of these sensationalized headlines, there isn't any original threat. The real threat is overreaction to the story..."

    Truth! Not just about clowns but every single story "reported" by the media.

    1. Most definitely. I just think they are encoding future events with this nonsense...and they get a side bonus of scaring the hell out of people while they are at it.