Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Reader Contribution | Acknowledging the slavery we willingly participate in

Think about it.

There's enough of everything in this world as it is right now for all of us to be housed and live with life enhancing technology at our abundance.  The only thing we need more of is local and organic food.  If everyone quit their jobs and began growing food (or contributing to something else essential on a community level) the system would collapse.  The system depends on your participation.


  1. New York Mets - San Francisco Giants tonight:

  2. There's enough resourses in our Galaxy for everyone on Earth to be Rich beyond their wildest dreams

  3. Zach check this out -

    Carson Palmer just ruled out for tomorrow's game at San Francisco.

    Drew Stanton starter.

    "Drew Stanton" in the English Ordinal system equals 153
    His birthday 5/7
    5/7 to 10/6 (Tomorrow's game) = 153 days.

    Amazing how pre-planned this stuff is

    1. Nice find. So you are liking Zona Dakota? I for one picked San Fran

  4. Amen to that! I'm already planning on moving to Vermont or northern michigan in the near future to get away from all that shit and start a self sustaining life.

  5. From your lips to God's ears. Truth in its purest form. Thank you.

  6. Fucking incredible. He's completely right, they got everyone upset from 9-5 then they get home and don't want anymore stress so they consume mind-numbing entertainment and eat their poisoned chemically enhanced food. This is my 2nd year of college now and I've been wanting to drop out ever since I discovered Zach. I think this has just inspired me to do so. Going to school, getting in debt, only to get a slave job to pay off the debt. No thanks, I'd rather farm and seek truth.

  7. No, no, no, get your education. Just Try not to take on a ton of debt in doing so, is the thesis.

  8. Go back and look at the Native Americans before "Christopher Columbus" came around. There was no money involved, they worked as a community to survive. When resources were low, or needed extra supplies, they would trade with other tribes. That right there speaks a lot about our ancestors. Now everyone is so money hungry, that getting out of the slavery is next to impossible.

    If you try to present a theory of working as a community without getting paid money to better humanity. People will mock you and say it can't be done, it's discouraging to see the lack of faith in humanity today.

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  10. It is true. I work at a engineering company and hate it. I am underpaid because I don't know the secret handshake and there are masons where I work. I was happier working on a dock. All the soft "men" i work with are a joke. Not one man here I look up to or aspire to be like. They are all clueless. Sitting on their asses all day and whining like women with PMS. I find the salary figures people are paid interesting:
    Numbers like 23k 35k 42k 49k 57k 59k 66k 77k 121k etc.
    They stamp these salary numbers on certain people like an insult or a rite of passage.
    I wonder how many well paid and educated Black men top off at 59k per year as an example. (59)