Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Reader Contribution | Emergency response drill planned by NY & NJ Port Authority for September 29, 2016 (Date of Hoboken, NJ train wreck)

This is related to the Hoboken, NJ train wreck of September 29, 2016

We know it was purposeful, we already proved it.

Here is my intelligence.  Thank you Safa.


  1. This info is still on the New Jersey website by the way.

    Check this out. There was just a "terror attack" in Schaarbeek, Belgium.

    Schaarbeek = 438 (English/Sumerian) 438+(4*3*8) = 534

    534 + 435 = 969 - Right back to the Saturn worship

  2. Sadly, this hard evidence won't work on my family. What are the odds they have a drill the day off a massive shooting on every one of them? They can't see. Whatever. So I have turned to betting. Small stuff. I have been following long enough to see the obvious ones. But it is by no means 100%. I get that. My goal is to win enough by Thanksgiving that when they ask me what I am thankful for, I can blind them with science and cash. Money gets their attention. Whatever. Programming in full effect. But if I don't make a bundle of cash, at least I will have a lot of documented evidence that is undeniable. win/win Cash will make it easier though...

    1. Yep... Welcome to my world, where everything's a coincidence to my friends and family.

  3. Reminds me of Sandy Hook, drills, timing...A few others too, before the 'gematrevolution'

  4. The Port Authority sure is no stranger to planning false flags by the numbers...