Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10 20 30 33 37 88 118 | MNF, Bears over Vikings, and Monday NBA Basketball, Bulls over Nets, October 31, 2016

Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93; Minnesota Vikings = 93; Minneapolis on the 93rd Meridian
Ten = 20+5+14 = 39; 39, the reflection of 93

Ten = 12/39
Twenty = 26/107 (Bear = 26) (Bears improve to 2-6)

*Regarding '39', that connects to Pete Rozelle, who created MNF.  He was a Freemason.


39 Books in the Old Testament, where the '10' Commandments come from

This game came on the 33-year anniversary of the death of George Halas, who died on a date with a '26' numerology.


As for the sum of '30' points, the Chicago Bulls basketball team had also improved to 3-0 on this same evening, winning 118-88.  Remember, George Halas died at age 88, and on this same night, John Fox got his 8th win with the Bears, in Week 8.

Notice Bulls won by '30'.

Anyhow, '30' connects to 'Chicago'.  And of course, the Bulls won by 30.

Here's another thought, the Bulls have won three in a row, and that is exactly what the Cubs need to do, being down 1-3, and now 2-3, with two to go in Cleveland.  This is the 112th World Series.

Notice Bradford's 228 passing yards.

United States of America = 228; Death = 228 (Death = 118, Jewish Gematria) (Soldier Field = 118)

Cutler also gave the Vikings their 31st loss, on the 31st of October, with 31 passing attempts.


'57' yards rushing for the Vikings.  Again, they came into MNF with 57 MNF games.

World Series = 57

'153', the number that goes with 'fish'.

Fish = 24/33/42/113

MNF = 33 (33-year anniversary of Bears' George Halas)


The Bears leading receiver with 88 yards on the 33-year anniversary of the death of George Halas at age 88...

As for the Vikings leading receiver, '76 was the last time they made it to the Super Bowl.