Monday, November 7, 2016

38 118 | The premature death of guitarist Chris Whitley, November 20, 2005, in Houston (Jeff Young recommendation)

Jeff Young says this dude was a great guitarist, until he died prematurely.  Look at the date he died, in Houston.  Here we have another case of the "38s".

11/20/2005 = 11+20+(2+0+0+5) = 38 (Death = 38) (Killing = 38)

As for dying in Houston.  Houston = 112 (11/20...)

His date of birth also connects to death.

8/31/1960 = 8+31+19+60 = 118 (Death = 118, Jewish Gematria)


  1. DJ Broadcaster Jimmy Young just died at aged 95.

    Interesting enough he died 47 days after his birthday with the election around the corner. President - 47...

    I was also looking a head to the England v Scotland game friday night and was thinking it may be a draw, it would be the 47th draw between the nations.

    His real name is Leslie young = 54/144.
    Picked a good day to die, 7+11+20+16 = 54. The 144 stands out with the election, Gareth Southgate the interim england boss will have been in charge 44 days when they meet Scotland as well..

  2. Looking at the Colts 1988 season which was the last time they won at Lambeau before yesterday, the sum of that game against the Packers was 33. That season they failed to make the playoffs with a record of 9-7, it is currently the 97th season of the NFL. That year the Patriots finished 9-7 also tied with the Colts.

  3. Zach anything else you notice about this video, just found this today; skip to 3:12

    It was from 'Suddenly Susan' 178 O, 43 R and 70 S-exception (like his age)

    The episode was titled 'I'll See That and Raise You Susan' 317 O (317 is 66th prime) 101 R 137 S-exception (Washington DC=137, 137 is 33rd prime)

    Skazzy is the name of the magazine 'Skazzy'=108 O, 27 R (cubs just broke 108 year curse)

    on the magazine it asks 'Our Next President?' = 227 O (Pi,49th prime) 83 R

    The episode aired on 5/8/1997, (5/8, Freemasonry=58) date num. of 129,39 (New York=39), and 110 (President=110)

    Another predictive programming episode.

    1. The show also ran for 4 seasons and had a total of 93 episodes (Saturn,propaganda=93)