Tuesday, November 8, 2016

42 113 | First exit polls are out, November 8, 2016 (CNN reports 42% of voters strongly favor their candidate)

First exit polls are out = 95/113; Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

Here is the one stat they have!



  1. Election day in America = 96
    Freemason = 96

  2. Us English are getting in on the act!
    Us Votes to choose new president = 373(74th Prime) + 121 (Revelation)
    Us Picks its next president = 103(13)/319.

  3. If you go on CNNs site under electoral
    map projections. They project hillary will have 268 solid democratic votes 204 electoral votes for trump and battleground votes is " 66" What a joke

  4. Does Cleveland lose their first game tonight, at Quicken Loans, where Trump's convention was held

  5. The only reason we have an electoral college is because its good theater and creates suspense throughout the night. The coverage is like a primetime football game.

  6. Its over folks. First three states have been called with electoral votes

    Trump 19 Hillary 3
    193 the 44th prime

    Landslide = 44
    forty four = 144
    Hillary Rodham = 144

    Good night All

    1. Atl beating Cleveland. Georgia = 44

    2. ATL 110 cle 106
      Prophecy 106
      President 110
      216 total
      6x6x6=216 president elected in 2016

  7. Recently took my own "poll" -- looking to see how many campaign signs favored either candidate. HUGE Surprise:

    I didn't find ANY CAMPAIGN SIGNS in front yards -- not a single one (besides State elections).

    Could think of only two reasons for this Strange Silence --

    -- like this subheading says ... NOBODY LIKED EITHER ONE ... (at least not enough to post it in front of their house)

    -- people were SCARED OF BEING MARKED FOR RETRIBUTION ... if their candidate lost

    Thought for sure it was the second one -- Fear ... but maybe (& hopefully) it's just Apathy. Which seems appropriate.
    For a society beset by Fear & Terror at every turn, this country has become a bunch of Apathetic & Hopeless souls. Repetition does that to the brain.

    They've been training people for YEARS now -- to identify with the Walking Dead, the Undead, Zombies & Vampires ... & they've pretty much gotten what they wanted.
    Our next Big Test -- the Sequel to 9/11 -- will probably highlight just how NUMB everyone REALLY is.

    1. Oops -- thought I was posting this under the one with the story about "Voters Don't Like Either One". Oh well ... :D

  8. Well, if South Park is anything to go by... Trump is a troll.