Tuesday, November 8, 2016

33 40 54 47 46 73 82 112 199 | Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton both having their voting day parties in Hell's Kitchen, New York +FDR Parallels

Remember, these two, Trump and Clinton, they're old friends.  I don't know about "pussy grabbing" kind of friends, but they're friends, just listen to Trump tell it about Hillary in 2008.

Also, these locations are just where the 74th meridian ends, and where the 73rd meridian begins.

Trump is on the 73rd, Hillary is on the 74th.

Hillary Clinton = 73; Sacrifice = 73; United = 73 (United States, female?) (U.K., female)

Hillary's location is just barely on the 74th.  Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; *President = 47

The last time this happened was 1944, emphasis on '44.

FDR defeated Dewey that year.  The Democratic Party won.  FDR was born in New York, Hillary was born in Chicago, but the 'Clinton' family connects to New York as well.


11/7/1944 = 11+7+19+44 = 81 (Chicago = 81, Jewish Gematria)
11/7/44 = 11+7+44 = 62 (Dewey = 62) (Mason = 62) (Vote = 62)

Notice it was the 40th Presidential Election.  That means 2016 is the 58th quadrennial election.

United States = 40/58 (S-Exceptions)

Also, FDR died on the 33rd Parallel in Georgia, in the year '45.

This is an election to be the 45th President.

Georgia = 44; Clinton = 33

This will be the 45th President, but the 44th person to be President
*Grover Cleveland counted as 22 and 24, throwing the county off

See my work on Hillary at the Javits Center:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/10/47-54-108-112-146-216-319-hillary.html

As you read the post, keep in mind both of these locations are in Hell's Kitchen, and we saw how things played out in the World Series in favor of Hillary.

Fifty-Four = 54/126; Hell's Kitchen = 54/126

Notice Trump will be at the Midtown Hilton Hotel.  Hilton = 33; Voting = 33; Clinton = 33

The point him being across from the Museum of Modern Art is interesting.  He very well could be on display in a museum before you know it.

That '1335' address is interesting.  13+35 = 48

New York = 48; Times Square = 48; Donald Trump = 48; Propaganda = 48; Hoax = 48

Also, the '1335' address, it reminds of the famous baseball field in the World Series.

Wrigley Field = 135
Josh Tomlin = 135
Corey Kluber = 135

The party wasn't at Wrigley.

40 minute walk?  40th Presidential election?  Hillary = 40; United States = 40

Notice the mention about how Dewey lost in '48.  That was the year Cleveland last won the World Series, 68-years ago.  Donald John Trump = 68


Now check this out about the Hotel.  Remember, Hillary was born in '47, Trump in '46.


101st tallest hotel?  Assassin = 101; 4/14/1865 = 4+14+18+65 = 101

Notice the building is 47 floors tall.

Notice it is in the Rockefeller Center.  It reminds me of the 110-story tall WTCs, buildings 1 and 2, and the 47-stories tall, WTC 7, that also fell on 9/11, 8 hours later, without reason.

Also, notice the part in the article above, about FDR voting in Hyde Park, New York.  The sentence is seemingly forced into the end of the story.  Why?

Notice the '82' and '199'.  Those numbers connect to Chicago.  Keep in mind, 199 is the 46th prime as you compare the two, above and below.

Last, notice the part about 53rd and 6th, and John F. Kennedy.

Kill = 10+9+20+20 = 59 (Jewish Gematria) (53+6 = 59)

It is interesting that the coordinates are where the 74th Meridian ends, and the 73rd meridian begins.

Hillary Clinton = 73; United = 73

6/26/1963 = 6+26+19+63 = 114 (JFK assassinated in '63) (1 through 63 totals 2016)

This building opened on a date for right this Presidential Race, coming at the end of the 114th Congress.

Remember, with the whole baseball thing, the Cubs handn't been 

Let us close with the tidbit about John Lennon's "Imagine" being written where Trump will be tonight.