Tuesday, November 8, 2016

99 | CNN, November 8, 2016, 'First results just hours away'

The headline tells the story.  Here's the early results.

Remember when George H.W. Bush endorsed Hillary Clinton 99-days after his birthday?  Read about that below.

Hillary is off to the town the Clinton's built.  Where is Donald tonight?



  1. I started following your stuff pretty heavily lately. I was looking into the Vikings hanging onto Blair Walsh. Im.new to gematria and numerology but I think there may be a connection to the superbowl somewhere. Or I could be stretching. Let me know what you think

    1. Walsh will make up for it with a game winner in playoffs, like a 50+ yarder, maybe NFC champioship game against Atlanta, but his name will be heard again

  2. I got to wondering about Jay Z's last minute free concert for Hillary -- it was such Big News & then ... Nothing. Most of what I found concerned whether or not he was paid by the Hillary camp, & that he dropped a lot of "N" & "F" bombs (& that surprises people?)

    But everything I found was from affiliates of Big Media ... so far nothing from people who actually went.
    I'm still wondering how such a thing could be pulled off in a matter of days ... a (supposedly) full-capacity crowd AT THE LAST MINUTE??
    How could they possibly have found a large venue that wasn't already booked? What about security & crowd control??

    Did this "Concert" ACTUALLY happen? It really strains incredulity to believe it did.
    I might've missed it -- but so far I haven't seen ANYTHING about it from all those sources who were publicizing it in the first place.

    Does anybody out there -- especially from the Cleveland area -- know if this actually occurred??
    Just curious ... ;D

  3. Big story about while Tim Kaine voted he had to wait in line behind a 99 year old woman.