Tuesday, November 8, 2016

47 | 'Luck', an article by ESPN, November 8, 2016


11/8/2016 = 11+8+20+16 = 55

If there's any "Luck" to this '55' thing I've been documenting ongoing, the Colts should be 5-5 with their next game.

Take a second to read this article.


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    1. 55 and 5 in general seems to be a big number in sports this year...

      Theo Epstein = 55
      Got a 5 years deal worth 50 million before the playoffs too.

    2. Big hoax in Boulder Colorado where Chuck Pagano is from had a man with a machete shot and killed at the Colorado Buffs practice facility. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/17721759/man-machete-shot-killed-colorado-football-facility

  2. When you're in Skull and Bones, it isn't hard to see what the '55' stands for.
    Satan = 55

  3. Luck = 47 in Ordinal

    Raiders = 74 in Ordinal

    The Colts and Raiders will meet December 24, 2016.

    These two teams met the same date 39 years ago in a playoff game called ghost to the post.

    1. Nice find! Ted marchibroda was coach then, and has a long history with the Colts- He died this yr, Jan 16, 2016 = 53, he was drafted in 1st round 5th pick in 1953 He was the coach of Colts when Jim or john Harbough lost the 1995 AFC championship game against steelers with that missed Hail mary!! Theirs more to it !!

    2. He died 55 weeks and 1 day before SB 51 (Bummer that 1 extra day)

    3. Thanks

      It seems like those teams will meet again in the postseason.

      This time Luck to TY Hilton for the win???

  4. So are colts still looking good to superbowl?