Tuesday, November 8, 2016

39 | Steph Curry goes 0-10 from 3-PT land November 4, 2016, then 13-17, November 7, 2016 (The very Jewish NBA)

This game took place November 4, 2016 

This is the score of the game where Curry's streak came to an end after 157-games, at the Staples Center.

Staples Center = 157 (Where Curry was); United States = 157
One Hundred Fifty Seven = 239 (239-days after Curry's birthday)

Ohio = 117; Curry born in Ohio; On 11/7, he makes 13-3 pointers

Curry and LeBron were born 39-months apart, 167-weeks, at the same hospital in Akron, Ohio.

167, the 39th prime number


From 3PT Land, notice Curry went 0-10, breaking his 157-games streak of 3-pointers made.

Ten connects to '39'.

Ten = 20+5+14 = 39

In the next game, he would make 13 3-point shots.

13x3 = 39

Read about Maddison, and his 39 proposals that became the TEN Bill of Rights, June 8, 1789.

6/8/1789 = 6+8+1+7+8+9 = 39 (Madison = 39) (Ten = 39)
MSG = 13+19+6 = 39 (NY = 39) (New York = 39) (Empire = 39)

Don't forget about

Akron, Ohio = 106; Prophecy = 106; Oracle Arena is 106' tall

Oracle = 54
November 7 leaves 54-days left in the year
11/7/2016 = 11+7+20+16 = 54 (The game was a span of 54-days from LeBron's birthday)


As a reminder, there are 39-Books in the Old Testament.
(That's what the Jewish faith goes by)


  1. The Chicago Bulls scored 112. Cubs won the 112th world series

  2. The Chicago Bulls scored 112. Cubs won the 112th world series

  3. Zach, I left a comment on your MNF live stream video you need to check out. It's about the Redskins Rule, where the last home game of the Redskins determines which party wins the presidency. Take a look at who the Redskins played for the 92 and 96 elections, both CLINTON victories.

  4. How the fuck does a professional, considered by many to be the best 3 point shooter today, go 0-10? Lol. These people really do think their fans are stupid as shit, and they'd be correct.

  5. Zach, I love your work. Mostly because I've always wondered what is happening and what has happened in this world (I'm a lover of history). Your work has answered most of my questions. I'm definitely obsessed and I'm soaking up this knowledge like a sponge.

  6. dig this...

    espn article talking about good luck and bad luck. they keep saying the word or 'unlucky' also,this coming Sundays games are on Nov. 13th

    1. 13th day on a Sunday sounds like something to look into. I smell a Dallas upset tho

  7. #17 for the Atlanta Hawks just scored their 106 with 2:23 left on the clock look like cavs get their first lost today

    1. Cavs lose 110-106=216
      Cavs area code 216
      Cavs had 106

    2. Hey Zach we gonna do TNF today, I want to see if I did it right and possibly contribute if there was something u didn't see.