Tuesday, November 8, 2016

65 313 | MNF oversight, missed the key PRIME NUMBER relationship, 313 and 65

I pointed out the game Pete Carroll had turned 65 and his next birthday was in 313-days, WHAT I MISSED; 313, the 65th prime.

I missed this same thing with Andy Reid earlier this year.

THUS, we have learned something.  We need to be very thorough with these PRIME NUMBER checks, in connection to age / wins / date of birth.  Perhaps coaches and this relationship as well as QBs are some of the most imperative things to determine correct winners and losers.

I want to find this post later so I am flagging it with the follow:

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  2. Observations I made while watching the colts play the packers. I also feel like they have turned around their season and will make a run at the superbowl.
    -colts vs packers meeting was 45th all time
    -chuck pagano got his 45th win
    -luck is in his 5th year
    -colts beat packers who won superbowl 5 years ago
    -colts started their season 3-5 and won by 5 points to save their season.
    I also noticed that colts owner brought prince guitar
    on june 25.
    - a lot of coincidence that the number 5 is around the colts this year and superbowl sunday is on feb 5.

  3. The Key prime number for me before game was the Seahawks record. If they won, which they did, their record goes to 5-2-1

    521 is the 98th prime and Pete Carroll was going for his 98th career win.

    On top of that it's 312 days till his 66th birthday, a total span of 313. Yesterday was the 312th day of the year. It was also 54 days since his birthday and yesterday marked 54 days left in the year.

    This was the 9th game between the teams @ Seattle and the record is now 6-3, which gave Rex Ryans his 63rd loss, 36 days from his 54th bday

    Week 9, the first week I nailed my Home Win/Loss ratio prediction! 7-6, for a total of 76-55, (the 55th home loss came on Sunday Colts vs Packers, a day that left 55 days in the year). Nailed 10 out of 13 picks for week 9, with an eagles loss that messed up my parley!! But it's all good

    1. Good work man, i was a little demotivated with the indivdual matches a few days ago as there seemed no way of cracking the code.

      However i believe i over analyzed the numbers, keeping it simpler gave me great success for the past year but these last few months ive got to wrapped up in the numbers.

      I know you had some trouble to but 10/13 picks is a good ratio nice to see your work is paying off my man!

    2. Yeah we both face similar problems, I struggled for a few weeks because I was reading too much into it and over analyzing it but I kept it simple this week and last week and it payed off, kinda like how I did for the first 3 weeks which I did well then too. Yea weeks 4-7 I dug too deep and over analyzed which sucked and had me rethinking everything and pushed me to step away for a min. This week being one of my most successful, still mind blowing!!

      Love seeing your work Jmontz as well as everyone else!

  4. Your welcome :)

    There was another clue through the prime numbers as well.

    The Seahawks went 5-2-1 on the season. 521 is the 98th prime number, coach picked up win 98 of his regular season career.

    1. I'd also like to add something on Prime numbers as im my research ive found that prime numbers hold the biggest weighing to results and heres why i think that is.

      Primes are special mainly because there only divasable by themselves and one but i also found this - Most modern computer cryptography works by using the prime factors of large numbers. ... Primes are of the utmost importance to number theorists because they are the building blocks of whole numbers, and important to the world because their odd mathematical properties make them perfect for our current uses.

      The key in there is building blocks for whole numbers, i see primes as sort of the foundations of what were living on in a mathematical sense. Look at your work this past year zach, you may not have noticed but every event has a basis through a prime number weather its the date or result.

    2. We're getting closer to cracking the code with every events.

    3. jmontz, I was so happy to read your post above. Something in my head clicked over this weekend in regards to prime numbers.

      Remember, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, mathematical conundrums out there is whether or not there exists a formula to determine whether or not a number will be a prime. Right now, no one has figured one out, and it's unlikely anyone ever will.

      This is probably because there simply is no formula. That formula is probably one of the keys to the mystery of the universe. Prime numbers do appear to be held in higher regard than others, and I think there's just a certain type of magic to them.

      While we have a long, long, long ways to go before any code is cracked, knowing a little bit about it is clearly far superior than knowing nothing. Now that we have some things to look for, it sounds like it's time for me to pull some serious data together and spot the anomalies.

    4. You can make any number in the world by multiplying prime numbers together, thats a fact. Which reinforces the theory that they are the building blocks for mathematics in general - Now im a massive believer that the universe itself its built and functions on math and i think anyone who does this work would find it hard to disagree with that.

      So that being said, if Prime numbers are the foundations then they would need to be coded into every single event? Then its how do we go about linking them to a result? Because as for this instance the prime matched the result. Coach got win 65 - Prime 65 coded into his birthday.

      But its not always that simple? So is it a case of writing out the prime in gematria? Does that hold significance.

      So Sixty five = 49/139. If a coach is then going for win 49 for instance would that be a significant connection?

      There's usually a perfect duality with the numbers and i think following the prime number trail could determine which team it goes for.

      Birthdays and dates are the only two factors that are ever changing for all teams and players. I see a lot of people linking numbers through gematria but that practice needs to be scrapped.

      The fact someone might be going for win 21 = 42.
      In game 42. That doesn't hold true, it can't if the relationship was that simple between the numbers everyone would have identical records.

      Birthdays are with out a doubt the key here i feel, i've seen teams align with dates and its good to note that but again it holds no reference to who's winning the match teams lose on their dates more than they win i feel and i also dont see much correlation with someone going for win X and it matches the date. So Birthdays have to be the biggest factor and primes along with them.

      I agree we are getting closer to this, its on going research but there's a hell of a lot of brain power in this community that Zachs built, unfortunately there's not to much discussion on said topics. I'd love for anyone to contribute to this discussion or if Zach could maybe pin a discussion thread to the top of the blog were more of us can get our teeth into things and bounce idea's of each other!

    5. I'd be happy with a structured message board, I know there's comments I made that I forgot to revisit later.

      Good notes, I think there are instances where writing a number out in English might be relevant but it also has its downfalls. The Excel file I made contains data on all numbers "One" through "Nine hundred ninety-nine." But could you also use "Nine hundred AND ninety-nine?" I feel as if there's no real certainty there, and the connections just don't feel as solid.

      I do agree with your idea that birthdays are probably the number one indicator, although I have to think spelling names out can give us clues on certain dates as well. But again...do you use the gematria of his first and last name? Include middle names? Nicknames? If we say that it's dependent on someone's first and last name only sometimes, but then randomly only when including middle names, we're gonna have an uphill battle.

      Anyway, I need a good data source to pull in scores/dates/teams/coaches/QB's/etc throughout history. Any chance you have an idea? I'd hate to have to pound out all that data entry. :(

  5. Very informative post/comments by all. Thanks for sharing! I learned alot in terms of the true value of prime numbers, and to just KISS

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  7. so does that mean when we decode do we choose the team who has the most prime numbers to win? because I usually go by which team matches up well with the date numerology but that doesn't always work out well

    1. We don't have that answer yet, what is obvious is what the community has been doing isn't working so there's a huge factor were missing. Perhaps we've not given prime numbers the recognition they deserve.

      My own personal research has indicated for me that prime numbers are extremely important in determining the results. I've only not seen it work once and that was Murray v Berdych and Raonic v Tsonga in the last tennis tournament that.
      However there was a sub plot in Murray becoming world number 1 and it was important he played Raonic in the game he became number 1 in. Raonic actually gave Murray a Walk off but it was no coincidence it was 52 days from Raonics birthday.

      So im thinking it was perhaps an anomaly because Murray Number 1 story took over and the players threw there games.

      This also kind of reinforces to me that the players dont throw every single game, perhaps only the games were the powers that be need the script to go differently to what the universe has pre planned?

      Then again how do we explain the constant correct scores syncing up with other stuff? There's much we dont know perhaps the energy around events manifests the same numbers and thats why we always see them around together.

      Zachs proven without a doubt that some of these games are rituals and these games usually have the most bullshit in them and i often find the numbers 106 52 39 66 49 121 coded into these games the numbers from the bible and the book of prophecy.

      Apply this new knowledge and document what you find, perhaps we may be onto something here perhaps not.

    2. I think where entering another realm that fix all these sports. Maybe these Freemason ppl do like magical rituals to the evil spirit realm for honor them in numbers that means a lot symbolically. Everything is set prior to seasons for set up a Super Bowl matchup wich is the ultimate ritual to the Zionist ppl and there spirit realm. Some crazy university messed up world we live in. Damnnnn

    3. We will crack this code just need to dig deeper and look at the big picture and everything goes back to the beginning of mankind and the creation of numbers

  8. Of all the NFL posts Zach made that I've read (only been here since Aug), this is my favorite one. I'm confident that we will all be more accurate in the Future. We gotta give Prime Numbers much more attention & respect

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